Tips to Supercharge Your E-commerce Sales during Christmas and New Year

Tips to Supercharge Your E-commerce Sales during Christmas and New Year

Supercharge Your E-commerce Sales

E-commerce is an ever-growing platform that attracts thousands of new entrants every day. From the year 2002 to2015, e-commerce sales swelled from just $72 billion to $359 billion per year. As the countdown for Christmas has begun, you need to add everything essential to your e-commerce site to increase the traffic and boost the sales. We’re here to help you just do that – from inception to execution and beyond.

1. Look at the Benchmarks

You must have analyzed the campaigns that you ran last year. Review those campaigns again and make a note of your best selling products. Find out what worked and what didn’t work for you last time. This will be the first step in filtering out things that didn’t work for you previously. In case you had an exceptional year and now you’re trying to improve on it, you can focus on increasing order value. You can try something new like “buy one, get one and a half free” rather than the old “BOGO” offer. However, be careful as you don’t want to upset your customers whom you have offered great holiday deals last year. Analyzing your data can help you in finding opportunities for campaigns from which you and your customers can have benefits.

2. Good Images

You must have heard that a picture is better than thousand words. Well it attracts more customers and offers more perspective. You should offer high-resolution images from different angles and views so that customers can have a clear idea about a product. Offering more and better idea of a product to customers encourages more sales.

3. Customer Support

Customer support is crucial for the success of your business. Offer multi-channel customer service to manage all the queries related to your business. You can take advantage of various platforms like phone, email, social media, live chat, helpdesk etc. The main goal of using these channels is to offer WOW experience to customers in a hope that they’ll return as a repeat buyer.

4. When in Doubt, Test it Out

As we are leading up to the Christmas holidays, we suggest you to test few things on your website.

– Coupons – Does 20% off or $20 off resonate more with the customers. Observe which patterns works for you and implement that one in your website.

– Time of Day – Play with the time and check which time and day of the week is perfect for offering discounts.

– CTAs – Test colors, sizes, and placement of your CTAs and see how these changes effects your customers.

– Subject lines – Get creative with your email subject lines and observe which of the one; long subject line or short subject line creates a better impact on your customers.

5. Build an Online Following and Market to Them

Don’t underestimate the power of newsletter marketing. They are the powerful tools that help you attract new customers and keep you fresh in the mind of existing customers. They have a great impact on customer’s mind and drives more results. Newsletters cut through the noise and helps you find more relevant data.

6. Polish your CTAs and Landing Pages

Your CTAs and landing pages are equally important as your emails. Your email marketing campaign will drive no results if you don’t have a successful CTA and landing page. Make sure that your CTAs are leading you to a page where they’re supposed to. Landing pages should be well optimized and relevant to the email. It ensures that your products and forms are working well.

7. Customer Reviews Increase your Sales

Customer reviews are really important. They spur more conversions due to more awareness. Today, most of the customers read online reviews before buying any product. Bad reviews can offer you a feedback to improve your services where as good reviews can make your e-commerce business shine by attracting more visitors to a website.

8. Low Shipping Charges

Shipping and handling charges are one of the greatest expenses, but they can be something that distract customers from buying anything from your online store. Make sure that your checkout process is short and shipping charges are mentioned clearly. Consider to choose discount postage providers to offer lower handling and shipping rates to your customers.

9. Add Personalized Recommendations

Make sure to offer recommendations to your customers depending upon their purchasing history. Research shows that 31% of e-commerce revenue was generated from product recommendations in 2014.

Adding recommendation will offer you more conversions and can be implemented on the website easily just by installing a plug-in.

These above-mentioned tips can help you to increase your conversions, don’t forget to track the data continuously to find out whether these tips are working for your business or not and let us know in the comments below

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