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Sep 18

Finally, Apple released iOS 12 on 17 Sept’18 10:30 pm IST as a free upgrade and the chances are that you can download it for your current iPhone device. iOS 12 will make your iPhone faster, more secure and less buggy. The additional features that you will get with iOS 12 includes tools that track

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Apr 18

There have been a constant revolution happening in the app world with UX design changing trends on a regular basis. User experience design (UX) mainly enhances the navigation structure and usability of an app. The UI of an app is also a determining factor of user experience. So, in order to provide a perfect user

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Jun 3

Good News for iPhone users! Recently, Google announced a new app for iPhone users that let people search and send information, emojis, and Gifs etc. right from the iPhone keyboard. What’s Changed Suppose, you’re texting your friends about lunch plans for tomorrow and they ask you to share the address. What used to happen was

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Apr 4

“Apple launched a new 4-inch iPhone named as “iPhone-SE” on 21st, March 2016.” Since the launch of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus in September of 2014, there have been rumors of Apple introducing a new 4-inch device for the people who want something more affordable and smaller in size.

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Dec 30

With the release of new apps in the market every day, there is a certain shift of focus towards Interactive designs. Mobile app designers are trying to find the most appealing factors to get user consideration and keep them enchanted. Great IxD (interaction design) is the fundamental component that grasps the user attention in an

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Sep 21

When it comes to develop groundbreaking gadgets, there is probably no other tech company in the world that beats Apple’s technology skills. The powerful features, best-in-class apps, power pack functionalities make Apple’s operating system and gadgets stand out from the rest. Every year, Apple brings key enhancements to its devices and introduces a brand-new thing

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Jul 15

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an unexpected growth in the field of Ecommerce mobile apps and these shopping apps are expected to be the largest area of growth for 2016 too. The way people are shopping is changing as half of them are using Smartphones to interact with online shopping stores. Business owners

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Jun 22

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s useless to make a website that is not responsive. Last year, the number of Smartphone users using the internet surpassed the number of computer users. Millions of people throughout the world are ditching their desktops in favor of smartphones and tablets. So the best way to reach your customers

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Jun 12

What comes to mind when you hear the term “Wearable Technology?” We bet it is an Apple Watch or a Smartwatch. In recent years, this portable gadget has made an important mark in the world of technology. This portable device is considered as an interesting gadget that can help you make calls, check caller id,

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