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Nov 28

Millennials are the most talked about group in the marketing industry. There are approx. 80 million millennials in the US, making them largest living generation. So every brand today wants to charm Millennial demographic for their businesses growth. Marketers should try their best to get Millennials attention as it will help them grow their business.

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Aug 30

Facebook introduced Watch last year for the US audience as a new platform for streaming shows on Facebook. It’s available on mobile, desktop and laptop along with the smart TV apps. The shows are streamed and allowed in the format of episodes. They are either live or recorded. Most of the shows follow a theme

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May 25

While GDPR is the trending topic on the Internet, not many of us actually know what it actually means. Let us help you understand GDPR a bit better and why you need to change your policies according to it. What Is GDPR? It is known as “General Data Protection Regulation” that was approved on April

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May 2

Facebook revenues are higher than ever. But at the same time, Facebook engagement is decreasing day-by-day. The social media platform is experiencing a decrease by 11.41% in engagement year-by-year. Why Facebook engagement is decreasing?   One of the biggest reasons of decrease in social engagement is due to less personal content being shared on Facebook.

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Apr 18

We’ve helped many clients who came to us after a bad digital marketing experience. Most of them tell us how they trusted a digital marketing agency and how badly things ended for them. The most affected ones are the startup businesses. They tend to spend thousands of dollars on digital marketing; only to realize later

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Dec 12

Just counting on organic search results to help you meet business goals is not enough anymore. You need a solid pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy along with real-time monitoring of the market to succeed. Do you really want to miss out on such a reliable revenue building opportunity? The key to a successful PPC strategy is

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May 15

The world is witnessing a digital revolution with the advent of AI. From day to day tasks to intricate jobs, AI machines are helping humans and making work easier. Now, before we can begin to explore the impact of AI and Machine learning on Digital marketing, let’s discuss a bit more about AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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Feb 23

WiseRx is an US based company that offers prescription discount cards to help people save money on prescription drugs. The Rx cards offered by Wise Rx Company are available for free and are acceptable at more than 60,000 pharmacies across the USA. You can use this card for all your family members as well as

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Feb 6

 The World Is Getting Smaller; In Fact, You Can Fit It Right In Your Hands! If you still believe that viewing websites on mobile devices is not so common, you couldn’t be more wrong. Mobile viewing is right here, right now. It is time that you find a way to optimize your website for mobile

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Dec 28

“PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors.” – Unbounce Throughout the year 2016, Pay-Per-Click has been the top choice for many small business owners. They have turned to PPC to generate leads that convert; get a surge in their web traffic and improve their sales. So, now that 2017 is

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