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Sep 18

Finally, Apple released iOS 12 on 17 Sept’18 10:30 pm IST as a free upgrade and the chances are that you can download it for your current iPhone device. iOS 12 will make your iPhone faster, more secure and less buggy. The additional features that you will get with iOS 12 includes tools that track

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Jun 4

The regulation, GDPR finally came into effect on 25 May. The GDPR rule has flipped the relationship between massive technology companies that gather data, and the users (from whom technology companies gather data). What is GDPR? GDPR law is a successor for the 1995 Data Protection Directive. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

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May 25

While GDPR is the trending topic on the Internet, not many of us actually know what it actually means. Let us help you understand GDPR a bit better and why you need to change your policies according to it. What Is GDPR? It is known as “General Data Protection Regulation” that was approved on April

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May 22

Google is trying it’s best to be the world’s biggest artificial intelligence (AI) company and we believe that its annual developer conference has proved this. CEO Sundar Pichai and a host of other top Google executives demoed the next Android OS version, showed off a revamped Google News, and added new features to its personal

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May 2

Facebook revenues are higher than ever. But at the same time, Facebook engagement is decreasing day-by-day. The social media platform is experiencing a decrease by 11.41% in engagement year-by-year. Why Facebook engagement is decreasing?   One of the biggest reasons of decrease in social engagement is due to less personal content being shared on Facebook.

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Jul 20

If you’re not using Magento as your primary tool for creating eCommerce sites in 2017, you’re seriously lagging behind. It is an amazing open-source platform that is widely used by online merchants all across the globe for creating eCommerce websites. It is trusted for its flexibility, customization freedom and scalability. However, every eCommerce platform requires

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Jun 15

Do you remember those old days when mobiles were the size of bricks with small black and white screens? Well, the times have certainly changed, isn’t it? The advent of Smart phones has drastically changed the landscape of mobile technology. Nowadays, people have an App. for almost all daily activities and entertainment. If you are

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Jun 7

The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items incorporated with software, electronics, actuators, sensors, and network connectivity, enabling these objects to collect and exchange data. The huge network built by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology over the last few years will be revolutionizing some new trends

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May 31

Recently, Google has made some big changes in its search feature to tackle the fake news, disturbing answers and offensive results that keep polluting its search queries. The Google update “Project Owl” has offered two new ways to its consumers to report the issues they face with search queries. What Google Algorithm is Offering? The problematic

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May 15

The world is witnessing a digital revolution with the advent of AI. From day to day tasks to intricate jobs, AI machines are helping humans and making work easier. Now, before we can begin to explore the impact of AI and Machine learning on Digital marketing, let’s discuss a bit more about AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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