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    Flutter App Development Services

    Flutter Consultation Services Icon

    Flutter Consultation

    Are you looking for a professional to guide you on using Flutter technology? Discuss with our Flutter experts to identify how Flutter can help with your business strategy. We offer top-notch Flutter consultation services to startups and enterprises.

    Flutter Cross-Platform App Development Icon

    Flutter Cross-Platform App Development

    Explore a variety of application codes with Flutter that supports several needs and move your enterprise apps to high-performing hybrid frameworks. It is integrated to build applications for platforms like web, mobile, and desktop using the same codebase.

    Flutter Enterprises App Development Icon

    Flutter Enterprises App Development

    Our Flutter app developers build highly interactive, scalable, robust, and secure mobile applications for large-scale enterprises.

    Flutter App Support & Maintenance Icon

    Flutter App Support & Maintenance

    Do you need a dedicated Flutter development company? Primotech has a team of reliable Flutter app developers who offer 24×7 support & maintenance services. We also offer application maintenance and app store support.  

    Flutter App UI/UX Design

    Flutter App UI/UX

    The most crucial channel through which customers interact with your business is your app or web page, which makes UX a vital factor influencing customer satisfaction and revenue. Our creative Flutter UI/UX designers design visually attractive & easy-to-access applications with flexible user interfaces.

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    Flutter App Development for iOS and Android

    Do you want to build a seamless application that works both on iOS and Android? Our developers create high-quality structures like Worklite, Iconic, Sencha, Flutter, and many more. We allow you to express your design intent while sharing a common codebase.

    Flutter App QA and Testing Icon

    Flutter App QA and

    We eliminate the intricacies and troubles for the users and clients by offering error and bug-free solutions. Moreover, we perform rigorous tests that ensure quality solutions.

    Dart App Development Icon

    Dart App Development

    Using Dart app development, we build multi-platform native apps, desktop and web apps with unique UIs that your clients will find easy to use. Hire Dart developers today for your flutter app development.

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    Enhanced libraries and Business Logic Icon

    Enhanced libraries and Business Logic

    Flutter uses an open-source visuals library that is both mature and fast. Every moment a view changes, the UI is redrawn. As a result, the app loads quickly and runs smoothly. Flutter also does not need any platform-specific UI components to build its UI.

    Hot-reload framework Icon

    Hot-reload framework

    The hot reload feature speeds up app development as you can easily make real-time changes to your app. Any updates are instantly available to both designers and developers. It lessens the time required to create a robust application.

    Single-Base Coding Icon

    Single-Base Coding

    Flutter eliminates the need to write unique code for each platform. Instead, Flutter provides developers with access to platform-specific APIs.

    High-performing framework Icon

    High-performing framework

    Flutter is one of the best-performing frameworks compared to native languages and beats other cross-platform technologies. Flutter uses JavaScript Bridge to initialize screens smoothly, allowing them to arise seamlessly.

    Extensive Widget Library Icon

    Extensive Widget Library

    Our developers can build highly engaging and responsive apps for iOS and Android by using the extensible widgets of Flutter.

    Material Design & Cupertino Icon

    Material Design & Cupertino

    We can create even more interactive Flutter Android and iOS apps thanks to its widget library based on Cupertino by Apple or Material Design by Google.

    Outstanding Toggle Platform Tool Icon

    Outstanding Toggle Platform Tool

    The customizable and extensible app got easier with the flutter framework as it has several widgets, and each implementation is conveniently flexible. Moreover, it is built-in for both iOS & Android.

    Enhanced User Experience Icon

    Enhanced User Experience

    The user experience is vital, and we use Flutter's main strengths to achieve this.

    Efficient development approach-Icon

    Efficient development approach

    As a cross-platform technology, Flutter enables the development of an app for both operating systems using the same codebase. It significantly speeds up the development process.

    Fast Time-to-Market-Icon

    Fast Time-to-Market

    App development with Flutter ensures twice a shorter time-to-market period. Using Flutter, programmers create a single codebase for several platforms.

    Widgets and compatibility-Icon

    Widgets and compatibility

    Widgets are the building blocks on which the whole app is based. Everything in Flutter can be built from widgets, whether it is ready-made or customizable. Since widgets are part of the app, the end product will likely have rare compatibility issues on different OS versions.

    Programming with Dart

    Dart is an object-oriented programming language that Flutter uses while creating apps. Dart has many of the same features as Java, and with this programming style, developers can easily accomplish their everyday tasks.

    Single-based Coding-Icon

    Single-based Coding

    Yes, Flutter uses single-source code to build cross-platform applications. It not only saves development costs but also lessens development time drastically.


    Enhanced Clients Understanding

    This recently driven innovation escorts a fast rundown of highlights that allows the developers to deliver a smoother experience to the end clients.

    Flutter provides features like code reusability, hot reload, pre-built customizable widgets, and widget testing. All of this lessens development time and reduces development costs.

    Our Flutter mobile developers can easily integrate your app with recently created Flutter modules and libraries. Moreover, we can use Dart logic to generate the module to run in the current app.

    A majority of features present on the native platform can be executed with Flutter. Depending on which solutions you intend to use, you can natively implement some parts of your app and call them from Flutter using Platform Channels.

    Depending on the functionality and complexity of the app, it could take anywhere between 2 to 5 months.

    Flutter uses its high-speed rendering engine to draw widgets instead of OEM or WebView widgets.

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