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Primotech Has Been Innovating Software Technology Since 2015.

We have delivered impactful, wide-ranging solutions leveraging latest technologies to over 500+ clients.

Our all-out client-centric approach combined with agile methodologies help us produce exceptional work quality.

We are a team with diverse technology skills and domain expertise that makes us stand out from the rest.

Driven by the passion, we exceed client expectations and deliver flawless solutions.

Our client segment isn’t limited and spreads all across the world.

Web Development
Website Design And Development

The modern web isn’t just for static websites and content. Being a full stack vendor, we build end-to-end web applications for emerging businesses and veteran market leaders.

Mobile App Development
Mobile Design & Development

It’s not just about creating apps but about crafting exceptional mobile experiences. We build apps that gets you real world engagement and long-lasting user loyalty.

Graphic Design
Graphic Designing

Design is not just about graphics. It encompasses designing information so your brand and messaging is reinforced; designing a user experience that allows people to find the information they want quickly.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

With technology pervading every facet of the digital world, it is incredibly imperative to have a superior digital marketing partner to help you break through the competition.

Enterprise Technology
Enterprise Technology and Start-up Consulting

If you’re a startup or business is trying to scale, you need a right IT strategy to establish or stay competitive in the industry. Our technology and start-up consulting services can help you get distinctive competitive advantages.

Blockchain Development
Blockchain Development Services

We have an expert team of Blockchain developers that are highly skilled and capable enough to analyze your specific business requirements. Find out how our Blockchain developers can help your business.

Our Happy Clients

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Lavall Chichester

“Working with Primotech continues to be a wonderful experience. I’ve been partnering with them for over 3 years now on several marketing and development projects & the results have been fantastic. They have a skilled development division supported by an amazing marketing team. They understand the world of marketing and it’s been evident in the work they’ve delivered for me so far. I like reading their monthly marketing reports - they are easy to understand, insightful and helps me track the progress. They also have an amazing web development division and they never shy away from a technological challenge. As I enjoy exploring new technologies too, it was great to connect with similar minds in Primotech. I would highly recommend Primotech for quality web development and digital marketing services.”

Alen Brumbeloe

“Primotech has been a fantastic partner in not only helping us define and optimize our core search objectives but also in responding to tactical challenges and new opportunities. Their easy yet insightful weekly and monthly reporting makes it easy to track the progress. We feel that they have an in-depth knowledge of search marketing, which is immediately apparent and they give exceptional insights into what is undoubtedly an ever-changing field. We highly recommend Primotech!”


“We are very happy working with Primotech. They have helped us from our infancy in building an incredible website with cutting edge and one of a kind technology. They have respectfully and patiently pivoted with us as our ideas became stronger and clearer and they made the necessary changes while adding in their own expertise and advice which we find invaluable. They have optimized our website for our users and search engines as well as helping us promote our brand through social media. Primotech has been very thorough in their assessment of our needs and requirements and has been extremely fair. Their team is talented, smart, dedicated and has been a great partnership for what is surely to be a hugely successful start-up. Thank you, Primotech!”

Joe Tartaglione

“Amazing Magento support from Primotech! They offered us some first-rate guidance regarding Magento updates and helped us in revamping our website. They have the complete know-how of Magento platform and I would definitely recommend them for any Magento associated project”

OutBoost Media
Kim roberts

"Primotech created an efficient Health care app for us that provide comprehensive diagnostic information based on patients’ symptoms. They understood our motto of ‘Moving Healthcare Forward’ and designed a perfect app for us. It was a pleasure working with you Primotech."


"I want to thank everyone who worked so diligently on this project. I might have a couple more projects that I might give to Primotech, it will be done with you being an extension of my company. I appreciate everything and everyone who worked on this project."

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Know what premium feels like with Primotech.

Know what premium feels like with Primotech.

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