5 Web Design Trends & Predictions | 2016

5 Web Design Trends & Predictions | 2016

Web Design Trends

As January 2016 is nearing its end, we have reached a point where all the websites online have started to appear similar. Frankly, the year 2015 hasn’t been a creative year from a web design standpoint. There are major areas of improvement, let it be user experience or the design appeal itself.

In 2016, we believe that the web design trends will be more thoughtful and offer unique user experience. Of course, the designers will need to incorporate their personal experiences to offer a more unique and fresh feel to their website projects. There focus will be more on Illustration work, artwork, and an unconventional way of storytelling!

Let’s take a look at some of the web design trends that we’ll likely see this year:

The insurgence of Flat/Semi-Flat Design trend

Flat Design

Flat designs are the graphic images that are noticeable but don’t include any 3-D effects. After the launch of Windows – Metro Style, the design world was flooded with the flat-design trend. Unfortunately, this style had its own drawbacks. It fell flat when tried on larger screens and desktops. The simpler graphics with a common User Interface (UI) just didn’t look appealing anymore.  This resulted in morphing of this flat trend to a semi-flat design trend. The semi-flat design eradicate the issues of the flat-design with the help of card/tile concept, subtle shadows and well- thought out transitions that help guide the users.

Experimenting with Typography

With web design and development industry booming, there are various typography options available to choose from. In the recent past, we have seen some sites with unique and fresh looking font styles that add flair to a site’s design. Special thanks to Google Fonts, as developers and designers are no more restricted due to compatibility issues. You have to understand this clearly – “Typography isn’t just about designing alphabets.” If right kind of style is chosen, it can bring your content to life and enhance your website’s appeal to a great extent. If you mess up with the font, it can kill your website as well. So, you have to be extremely careful when choosing the font style and sizes for the website. Typography implementation can be a minor but difficult change that can have a massive impact on your website. Be prepared to see some new website designs this 2016 with fresh looking fonts and styles!

Expect more original websites

Transformed into Originality

An original website design is developed through exclusive research and styling. It is solely based on original stuff like the design, colors, page content, business strategy, images, and a navigation system etc. – the essentials for a good website design. The USP for these upcoming and original websites is that connects users to the real world. In 2016, we believe that we are going to experience some originality with the involvement of custom drawn elements combined carefully with the animation.

Quirky Illustrations

Get ready to see some hand drawn quirky illustrations that enhances the personality of your website this year. Hand drawn illustrations are incredibly unique and can’t be easily copied by your competitors. Illustrators and designers charge quite a much for task like these. So, this is great news for upcoming designers and illustrators. If you have the talent, you will be paid handsomely! If you are looking to launch some creative business this year, hire a creative illustrator for your website. Make sure that their unique art meshes well with your brand.

Rendezvous with Micro Experiences

Micro or shortest experience websites are those that offer easy and smooth navigation. They contain app within an app designed intelligently by the web developers. The home page of the website can contain 4 to 5 menu bars linked to the entire website through a single functioning page. These types of websites contain some special effects for attracting the viewers, so that users can achieve their goal within a few clicks. An app within an app offers smooth navigation to the user. The whole experience depends on the interaction of the elements. For example: The home page of the website can have 4-5 CTA’s linking to pages like registrations, service offers, etc. The goal of micro experience is to offer the user a complete website in a smaller, likeable and unique package.

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