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Top 6 Apps To Help You Manage Your PPC Campaigns

Just counting on organic search results to help you meet business goals is not enough anymore. You need a solid pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy along with real-time monitoring of the market to succeed. Do you really want to miss out on such a reliable revenue building opportunity? The key to a successful PPC strategy is

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5 Types of CTAs to Try On Your Website Blog

Do you wish to improve your conversion rate from your blog? Right type of CTA and good placement is what you need! It’s been proven that blogs offer a better way to engage your audience and to pitch your services or products. It can be done with the help of strategically placed right type of

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Don’t want to see annoying posts from someone on your Facebook? Hit Snooze!

Tired of seeing irritating posts from your friends? Don’t want to see stupid posts from various groups or pages on your timeline? Well now, you can hit Snooze on groups, pages and friends’ posts that annoy you. Recently, Facebook has added a Snooze button that allows you to unfollow your friends, pages or groups for

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Have you fixed the XSS Vulnerability in the WooCommerce “Product Vendors” Plugin yet?

If you are running the 2.0.35 version of WooCommerce’s “Product Vendors” plugin then your business is at risk! This replicated cross site scripting vulnerability was reported recently and it was found on a particular field in the sign-up form for new vendors. As per report, “the WooCommerce plugin is used by approximately 28% of all

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With the competition growing in the judicial sector, the defense lawyers in the US are facing a tough competition in local searches. With a large client base that searches heavily for judicial services, there is a ton of opportunity for defense attorneys to get direct leads with the help of local SEO. Main elements to

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7 Easy Tips To Speed Up Your Magento Site In 2017

If you’re not using Magento as your primary tool for creating eCommerce sites in 2017, you’re seriously lagging behind. It is an amazing open-source platform that is widely used by online merchants all across the globe for creating eCommerce websites. It is trusted for its flexibility, customization freedom and scalability. However, every eCommerce platform requires

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Technologies That Are Changing The Landscape Of Mobile Apps

Do you remember those old days when mobiles were the size of bricks with small black and white screens? Well, the times have certainly changed, isn’t it? The advent of Smart phones has drastically changed the landscape of mobile technology. Nowadays, people have an App. for almost all daily activities and entertainment. If you are

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IoT Trends To Watch Out in 2017

The Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items incorporated with software, electronics, actuators, sensors, and network connectivity, enabling these objects to collect and exchange data. The huge network built by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology over the last few years will be revolutionizing some new trends

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Google’s Big Changes to Search: What You Need to Know

Recently, Google has made some big changes in its search feature to tackle the fake news, disturbing answers and offensive results that keep polluting its search queries. The Google update “Project Owl” has offered two new ways to its consumers to report the issues they face with search queries. What Google Algorithm is Offering? The problematic

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How AI & Machine Learning Impacts Digital Marketing

The world is witnessing a digital revolution with the advent of AI. From day to day tasks to intricate jobs, AI machines are helping humans and making work easier. Now, before we can begin to explore the impact of AI and Machine learning on Digital marketing, let’s discuss a bit more about AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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