Primotech Picks the Best Interactive Design Apps for December 2015

Primotech Picks the Best Interactive Design Apps for December 2015

Best Interactive Design Apps for December 2015

With the release of new apps in the market every day, there is a certain shift of focus towards Interactive designs. Mobile app designers are trying to find the most appealing factors to get user consideration and keep them enchanted. Great IxD (interaction design) is the fundamental component that grasps the user attention in an app. We found these mobile apps that feature great IxD.  Take a look at our December Picks:

1. Storm & Skye and The Secret of The Car Wash

storm and skype

“Storm and Skye app” doesn’t seem energizing for adults but for the children of 5 years or more, this storybook adventurous application is enrapturing. The app is beautifully animated and illustrated for kids to plunge into dream world.

It is an innovative app, blend of one fragment of Pixar movie, a dose of visual and interaction design, and one part of an audiobook. This app demonstrates that sometimes all you need is a remarkable story, and a brilliant IxD team that comprehends the power of childlike miracles.

Get for iOS and Android.

2. Bookling


There is something about the books that makes them really hard to be replaced with digital ones. May be it is the feel of ink and letter etchings on the paper or the vibe of paper slipping through fingers. Bookling understands this and believe that your adoration for the real books can occur with the growth of innovation & technology. This app assists in keeping the record of your reading and also motivates you to read more. You can bookmark number of books, add reminders, set your goals and get rewarded for reading more.

Most of the people associate reading with solitude and serenity but Bookling’s enchanting design made them to rethink about this association. The UI of the app is very exciting with the glitzy show of colorful ink.

Get for iOS.

3. Tower in the Sky 

Tower in the Sky

It’s a Role Playing Game in which the player is a team lead of unlikely warriors in a battle. This game seems to be a lot like Heroes of Might and Magic game. However, Tower in the Sky is a complete package of fervor and features that hard core gamers love in this genre of games.

It’s quite challenging to design an engaging mobile game as it’s needed to be packed in a great interaction design. This app features a modest bunch of wacky animations, intense character configuration and stunning graphics.

Get for iOS.

4. Pause


Pause is an application that supports in bringing mind to a calm state and reduces stress. This iPhone app helps you meditate and relax. It helps you experience a calmer state of mind in this hectic, fast moving world. PAUSE has its basics right and gets its patent-pending technique from a deep understanding from cognitive psychology and physiology that stimulates a response of calmness and relaxation.

It’s an extraordinary example of how technology can offer assistance to cope with the digital demands of advanced life. It activates the body’s ‘rest & digest’ response by continuously moving the fingertip on the screen slowly. The audiovisual feedback of Pause helps its users to remain in calm state of mind.

Get for iOS.

5. Seedling Cosmic Studio


Being a superhero for a day is fun. The more fun is having the power to create your own superheroes at any time. Seedling Cosmic Studio offers the ability to create comic characters for everyone. Any user can create their own character and out them in a comic. The interaction design of the app is all about user engagement and customization. You can select different themes or layouts, or add stickers and speech bubbles. Select whatever you like and add to your first comic!

Get for iOS.

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