Google Removes Date Range Search Filter from Mobile

In a recent update, Google removed the custom date range search filter for mobile users.
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Apple Introduces Paid Search Ads

According to a report in the Verge, at the upcoming WWDC, Apple is going to unveil paid-search ads for the App store.
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Google GBoard

Google’s Gboard to Revamp iPhone Keyboard

Google announced a new app for iPhone users that let people search and send information, emojis, and Gifs etc.
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Ways to keep hacker’s hand off from your Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce and security experts share 5 tips on how you can prevent fraud and keep your site safe from hackers:
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Upgrade Your Magento eCommerce Website to Magento 2.0.6

Magento released Magento Enterprise Edition and Community Edition 2.0.6, with important functional improvements.
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8 Ways To Build Quality Backlinks That Improve Search Engine Rankings

Quality Backlinks are important, Here are some simple ways to build quality backlinks that would drive targeted traffic to your website:
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Benefits of SEO Friendly Website Design

The best way to get SEO benefits is to improve the functionality of your website and make it SEO friendly.
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tower in the sky

SQL Injection Vulnerability Issue In Magento

An SQL query to the application that helps the attackers to read, modify or exploit the data from the database
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