Google Launches New Ads Manager Tool For Video Ads

Google Launches New Ads Manager Tool For Video Ads

Google Launches New Ads Manager Tool For Video Ads

Nowadays, everyone knows how important it is to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. When Google introduced Video Ads, it was a method to reach users differently. However, Google Ads Manager was not built to deliver deep insight into campaign types such as video.

If you face any problems while gathering insights for video and programmatic ad performance, this update is for you. In addition, Google Ad Manager announced a new set of tools to manage video streams, save time, and increase video revenue.

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Programmed Video Medical Device

The latest tools are designed to help publishers to understand better insights. When you log in to your account, you will be met with highlighted possibilities you may have previously missed.

Better insights from Programmatic Video Health tools will assist you in understanding how inventory is performing in an auction compared to others.

The performance of a specific video inventory will be overviewed with the help of a new video signal card.

 The signals reports include:
  • Visibility
  • App or web domain name
  • Audience data

Also, these signals report the potential revenue impact of videos. The signals above will make it easier to rate your video inventory and identify where specific metrics could be improved.

Secondly, the instrument added for programmatic and video is known as (VAST) Video Advert Serving Template errors insights card. While this may sound difficult, we’ll streamline what this means and how you can use it.

The VAST error card uses automation to present the number of errors in your video stock. Moreover, it reveals what line objects are inflicting errors.

Real-Time Video Reporting

Google enhanced historic ad serving knowledge availability by 10x. This huge progress shortened the time you need to access performance data to under 2 minutes.

It’s vital to successfully assess ad-level knowledge to find or mend errors in a few seconds. Especially in case, a large audience sees your movies.

Lastly, the YouTube Ads Delivery Tool can test ad delivery in real-time on YouTube inventory.

Now you are capable of seeing data such as:
  • Key-values
  • Ad requests
  • Details for winning line items

These insights allow you to validate and fix any inventory problems easily and quickly, so you’re back in motion in no time.

Importance of Ad Manager Tools

Before the invention of video signals and VAST error cards, you could have spent more time reading your video inventory. Now, you can handle many manual tasks, and report pulls off your list with the help of automated insights.

You can sort the line items of errors by the highest impact on revenue with the VAST errors report. Concentrate on high-impact areas of progress for your video inventory to get faster growth with these advanced tools.

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