Microsoft .NET 6 Is Ready For November 9 Release

Microsoft .NET 6 Is Ready For November 9 Release

Microsoft .NET 6 Is Ready For November 9 Release

Great News For .NET developers and technology enthusiasts!

Microsoft issued a .NET 6 preview 4 and confirmed that the latest .NET 6 version would be released on November 9, 2021.

Richard Lander from Microsoft revealed that the .NET 6 release is on the way, and most features are close to its final form. He confirmed that the building blocks of the system are completed and ready for release. Preview 4 establishes a perfect foundation for delivering the final .NET 6 build scheduled to be released on November 9. It is also ready for real-time testing if you haven’t tried .NET 6 yet.

Since splitting off the open-source .NET Core from the original patented .NET versions, Microsoft started planning .NET 6 to unify .NET development. The plan was put into motion with the release of .NET 5 in 2020. Now, .NET 6 will be released to signify the conclusion of this platform consolidation. Morever, this release will provide .Net developers with a plethora of opportunites for custom software development.

More Things to Come

Microsoft has also planned to release several other significant innovations like .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI), a replacement for Xamarin.Forms across windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. A new platform called Project Reunion will make Universal Windows Platform (UWP) widely available to desktop developers targeting Windows and Blazor desktop web apps.

You can download the .NET 6 Preview 4 here! The live testing builds of .NET 6 are expected to be available for testing in the next month (August), with the final version set to release on November 9 during a virtual .NET Conf 2021 event.

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