Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins That You Should Use

Top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins That You Should Use


Search engine optimization (SEO) can be complicated. A few years ago, SEO was an expert task only Website Design and Development Services USA could pull off. But thanks to varied SEO plugins, now even beginner website owners with no SEO knowledge can rank their site on search engines.

But using plugins leads to another problem – choosing the right plugin. There are more than 900 WordPress SEO plugins, but you need to use only a few that work best for you.

Top 5 WordPress SEO plugins that you should use

1. SEO Keyword Hound

SEO Keyword Hound is one of its kind SEO plugin, which shows you the keyword stats of multiple pages at once. This way, it helps you determine which keywords to use.

This SEO plugin from CreativeMinds is available in two plans: $59 for one Website and $119 for up to five sites. The second plan offers additional consultation and installation options.


SEO Keyword Hound comes with a complimentary 80-minute video course that helps you get acquainted with the tool and its features. This plugin tallies your page metrics with your keyword optimization efforts to help you figure out which keywords are working.

Some key features of SEO Keyword Hound are:

  • Powerful keyword tracking
  • Unique competitor comparison
  • Smart notifications
  • Easy import/export
  • Great integrations
  • Works with other SEO plugins

A lot of leading WordPress Development Services in the USA use this plugin because of its additional features, including MOZ integration, extensive note-taking, and comprehensive documentation.

2. Yoast SEO

If you’ve been using WordPress for a while, you must’ve heard of Yoast SEO. One of the most widely used SEO plugins on WordPress, Yoast SEO, is available in two versions: a free version and a pro version for $89 per Website.


Yoast updates the plugin every two weeks to include the most up-to-date results from Google’s algorithm.

Yoast SEO is also known for it’s user-friendly, easy-to-use interface. It uses a series of colors to determine how well your site is performing on the search engines. Here’s what each light color indicates:

  • Red: Big changes need to happen in your Website
  • Orange: SEO is fine, but there is scope for improvement
  • Green: Your SEO is good

Some key features of Yoast SEO are:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Add data
  • Indexable
  • No outdated content
  • Page preview
  • Readability check
  • Full control over breadcrumbs
  • Mark your links as sponsored or no-follow
  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Redirect manager
  • Focus keyword export

This rich suite of features makes Yoast SEO one of the most used SEO plugins on the internet.

3. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is the original WordPress SEO plugin. It’s easy to install, seamless to configure, and effortless to use, making it an ideal pick for new website owners and SEO beginners. It also has advanced features, which makes it one of the go-to choices for a WordPress Development Company in the USA.


The All in One SEO Pack plugin is available in four versions: Free, Pro ($57), Business ($97), and Agency ($419). The Pro and the higher versions include exciting features, like unlimited downloads, video screencasts, and more. Let’s take a look at the complete list of features.

  • Google AMP support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • org Markup
  • SEO Integration for e-Commerce
  • Automatic generation of META tags
  • Compatibility with many other plugins
  • PHP 7 100% Compatible
  • Translated into 57 languages

All in One SEO Pack is an exciting package of features that are helpful for both beginners as well as expert developers.

4. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework claims to be the only feature-complete SEO plugin that follows white-hat guidelines and rules imposed by search engines and WordPress. It is free of cost and allows users to use SEO in a simple, automated, and accessible way. This tool enables you to transfer SEO data from another plugin instead of setting it up from scratch.


Some benefits of using the SEO framework are:

  • It is preconfigured
  • Optimize your metadata
  • Improves search presence
  • Exceptional support
  • Seamless social sharing
  • Protection from common SEO mistakes
  • Prevents 404 errors
  • Automatic sitemap change updates

The SEO Framework has website developers at heart because it blends right into your WordPress site. It is easy to get started, making it an ideal pick for new site owners as well.

5. SmartCrawl SEO

SmartCrawl SEO is another excellent SEO plugin offered by WPMU DEV. This plugin is available in two versions: free and Pro ($49 per month for unlimited websites). Website Design and Development Services USA love this plugin for its custom branding capabilities for both the frontend and backend of the Website.


SmartCrawl SEO offers a one-click setup, along with exciting features like automatic sitemaps, improved social sharing, real-time analysis, and scans & reports. Here’s a complete list of features:

  • One-Click Setup Wizard
  • Titles & Meta Descriptions
  • SEO Checkup & Reports
  • Sitemap Generator
  • SEO Crawl
  • Smart Page Analyzer
  • Integrate With Moz SEO Tools
  • Quick Setup Import/Export

You might want to avoid this tool if you’re a beginner, but it’ll produce great results for you if you’re a veteran website owner.

Some honorable mentions

There are more than just five SEO plugins that you can use. If none of the above plugins align with your requirements, you can pick from these alternatives.

  • Rank Math
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Shortpixel
  • a3 Lazy Load
  • hreflang Tags Lite
  • Redirections
  • WP Super Cache
  • Autoptimize
  • Really Simple SSL
  • Anti-spam
  • Rel NoFollow Checkbox

There are hundreds of WordPress SEO plugins out there, and you can choose anyone you feel might fit your needs. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, your search can become a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s essential to understand your requirements first.


Whether you’re a solo website owner or a WordPress Development Company in the USA, the right SEO plugin can go a long way in the success of your websites. So, do your research and pick the right plugin for your site.

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