Apple’s Rumored Search Engine: Everything We Know So Far

Apple’s Rumored Search Engine: Everything We Know So Far

Apple's Rumored Search Engine: Everything We Know So Far

Robert Scoble posted many items about what to expect from the Apple WWDC (aka World Wide Developer Conference) happening on Monday, June 6th. Robert said a bunch of things, but precise to search, he said, “and a new search engine is coming too.”

Robert posted this on Twitter, saying, “Oh, and a new search engine is coming too. Will Siri finally get “smart?” Hmmm.”

It was clearly a minor point from Robert; Robert is way more into what to expect regarding Apple’s augmented reality (AR). Maybe we will soon see Apple Glasses?

We covered how Apple has been gradually showing signs of getting into web search over the years. In 2014, yes, 8-years ago, we saw signs of an Apple Spider – Applebot. After that, in 2015, AppleBot sightings and Apple listed their search ranking factors and AppleBot user agent details. They also mention that John Giannandrea went from Google to Apple in 2018.

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The big question is, what does this mean? Will it just mean Siri will get better at answering questions, or will Apple be crawling and indexing the web more significantly? Then, do you think Apple can compete with Google or Microsoft Bing, and if so, will they be capable of taking away shares from Google?

As an FYI, Google paid Apple 2021 $15 billion to be the default search engine on Apple Safari. So it is obviously super useful to Google to have control over Apple Search.

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