How to Bring Resonance to Your Logos with Color Schemes?

How to Bring Resonance to Your Logos with Color Schemes?

Role of Color Scheme in Logo Design

A logo is a visual cue that depicts the culture and values of a company’s brand. It’s intended to be the face of a company, and through perky colors, high-res images, and fonts it conveys important messages about a company’s brand to the people all across the world. Millions of logos are created and launched in the blink of an eye but only some of them are lucky enough to leave a mark. The run-of-the-mill logos never make your brands stand out from the competition. You need to open the doors of creativity and imagination in order to create an outstanding logo instead of an off-putting logo.

Usually, business owners choose their logo colors for a wide variety of reasons. Some pick their favorite colors whereas others take a toss-a-dice approach to choose colors for their logos. We should not forget that a logo means a lot to business and it’s the best way to present and promote your business in today’s competitive market. Therefore, you should understand the psychology of colors prior to designing a logo.


Red is the color of fire, therefore it is associated with passion, power, determination and desire. Choosing red color for your business logo makes it feel more dynamic and appealing. There are thousands of entertainment companies; motor industries; TV channels that are using red color in their brand logos. This color is also associated with energy, so you can use it when promoting energy drinks, games, cars, sports, etc.


Blue color symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, sincerity, and professionalism. This color is associated with authority and success and for that reason it is popular with IT companies and Insurance companies.


Green color symbolizes growth, freshness, and harmony. And other meanings ascribed to it include growth, hope, peace, and it’s popular with financial products too. You can use this color to indicate safety when advertising drugs and medical products. In addition to this, you can use this soothing color to promote green products.


Black color is considered to be formal, elegant, and prestigious color and is associated with strength, power, and sophistication. This color contrasts well with bright colors and when combined with red and orange gives a very impressive color scheme.


Orange is the color of fun and creativity. It has higher visibility and is often used to captivate people’s attention. Using orange color in your logo adds energy to your business, upsurges your sales, and eventually increases the online reputation of your brand.

Few popular Companies and their logos
The color of some company’s logo is more powerful than the logos themselves – Think the red of Coca cola and the blue of Facebook.

Companies and Their logos

Whether you choose the color yellow, blue or black for your logos, it’s important that your logo conveys something interesting to the customers.

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