Google I/0 2018 – Updates You Might Have Missed

Google I/0 2018 – Updates You Might Have Missed

Google I/0 2018 – Updates You Might Have Missed

Google is trying it’s best to be the world’s biggest artificial intelligence (AI) company and we believe that its annual developer conference has proved this. CEO Sundar Pichai and a host of other top Google executives demoed the next Android OS version, showed off a revamped Google News, and added new features to its personal assistant. If you were not able to catch the full I/O keynote, here’s all the big Google news from the event.

Android P Is Getting Personal

Did you know, the big changes are in store for Android users? The Android P OS will greet its users with visual designs, interaction changes, and user personalization.  You might have to wait until this year to find out what P stands for here. Google was mum on that front.

Android P introduces a number of changes to the Android system, including power management, input and data privacy in background apps, device security changes, cryptographic changes, and more. Most of these changes will affect all apps available in the phone, irrespective of the fact what version of Android they target. However, several changes only affect apps targeting Android P. Check out this video to find out more:

New Google Assistant Voices Coming This Year

Google Assistant is the biggest competitors of Amazon Alexa. To compete with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant will be introducing six new voices to the Google Assistant. One of the voices is of singer-songwriter John Legend.

Google’s New ‘Pretty Please’ Mode For Assistant

This mode will ensure that every person in the house is using phrases “please” and “thank you”. Google Assistant will make sure to respond positively to these phrases. This mode can encourage your kids to be polite. However, the function does require that everyone in your home have their voice recognizable for it to identify who to target with its lesson in manners. You can read more about Family Link from here.

Google Duplex Technology

Google is also working on a new system called Duplex. It can help you book your appointments. Google AI can call a hairdresser or restaurant and book appointments. Moreover, Google AI sounds much more human during the calls. Assistant can let you know the details of it and add it to your schedule, once the appointment is made.

You Don’t Need To Say “Hey Google” Every Time

Google is trying to make Google Assistant sound more natural by adding a new feature called “Continued Conversation”.  With this, you won’t need to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” for follow-up requests. Moreover, with multiple actions feature, you’ll be able to ask for multiple things at the same time.

Google Maps Will Use Your Phone’s Camera

Google will add a new augmented reality feature to Google Maps. According to it, Google Maps will automatically load street view when a camera app is opened. This feature will help people to navigate around a city by using AR technology. This app uses a combination of the camera, Street View and visual location technology to know your exact location, and offer directions according to your location. The visual positioning system will help recognize the buildings and landmarks that are in front of it. With this integration, you can also ask Assistant to share your ETA while you’re driving, and even do things like send texts, play music, and get information – all from the Maps app.

Google Lens To Scan Objects

Google is trying to make its camera more powerful by using AI. Google Lens is using image and object recognition to scan and recognize objects in photos, such as food, landmarks, and buildings etc.

It will not only detect an object, but also understand what it detects and offer results according to it.

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