5 Types of CTAs to Try On Your Website Blog

5 Types of CTAs to Try On Your Website Blog

5 Types of CTAs to Try On Your Website Blog

Do you wish to improve your conversion rate from your blog? Right type of CTA and good placement is what you need!

It’s been proven that blogs offer a better way to engage your audience and to pitch your services or products. It can be done with the help of strategically placed right type of calls-to-action (CTAs). It is a critical element that contributes to your website’s lead generation process. It is a perfect way to direct your audience to your company’s landing pages.

So, when you have a blog post ready to publish, you need to ask yourself – is your current blog offers the right steps for your readers to navigate to other pages of your website and learn more about the company? If not then you need to add some right kind of CTAs. But what kind of CTAs should you choose for your blog? Keep reading to find out…

1. Smartly Placed CTAs at the end of the post

CTAs at the end of the post

You can place this kind of CTAs at the end of your blog post. This type of CTA compels a user to take an action after reading your blog post. However, you have to make sure that you offer different kinds of content in the CTA to cater to a varied user base.

Giving the right content to your visitors can increase the rate of conversions. For example, you can offer CTA’s based on customer’s interests, buying process etc. By providing tailored CTAs at the bottom of the blog post, you increase the chances of a potential lead to convert. If you succeed in turning your readers into customers with right CTA’s, they can turn into your promoters as well.

Check this image below where three different kinds of CTAs show up based on the type of visitor on your site. A registered user will see a different CTA as compared to a random visitor. A registered can be shown a service based offer, whereas a random user might see a free trial offer, if they register with your site.

2. Social CTAs

Social CTAs

Offer social CTAs to help users connect your company on social media.  If someone likes reading your content they are going to come back to you for more. You can keep them hooked and updated with your regular posts on social media portals. Offering social following CTAs on your website blog helps boost your popularity in the social media and your user base.

You need to make it easy for your readers to follow you on social media by creating CTAs for each of your social media channels. All you have to do is place CTAs that your users can click and follow your social pages instantly. Please note that social sharing icons are different from social CTA’s that we are talking about now. See the example image below for better understanding.

3. Newsletter or Blog Subscription

Newsletter or Blog Subscription CTAs

If your readers really like reading your content and repeatedly visit your website, you can offer them subscription deals. By subscribing to your blog or website, they can get all the latest posts from your blog on their email.

These kinds of CTAs are perfect to help increase your blog’s subscriber base. Keep the CTA to subscribe to your blog or newsletter simple and easy to fill. Don’t ask for too much information that can annoy your reader. Keep it simple by asking just their name and email address.

4. CTAs on your sidebar

CTAs on your sidebar

There are some CTAs that you want your audience to click but it might not be relevant to the blog content you post. CTAs like these might be important for your company’s long-term goals and you can put them on the sidebar. It is obviously a great place for CTAs and with attractively designed CTAs, you can attract a lot of attention. However, try to align the sidebar CTAs a bit close to your blog content.

For example, you can boast about your company’s latest achievements or new technology/services. It will be visible to anyone reading your blog. While it may not directly relate to the content in your blog, it will still get the attention you need. The chances of user activity on a CTA like this depends on the design and style of the CTA.

5. Slide-in CTAs triggered by scrolling

Slide-in CTAs triggered by scrolling

There is a trend going for slide-in CTAs. Just as you finish scrolling to the end of a blog, a CTA slides in from the bottom right corner of the page. It instantly captures the users’ attention.

The pop-up CTAs usually get all the flak for being distracting. These are the kind of CTAs that pop-up right in front of your screen and usually annoys users. Surveys show that people usually close the pop-up CTAs within first 2 seconds. However, the slide-in CTAs are non-intrusive and offers more chances of conversion. It allows readers to get to the end of the blog post, where users are mentally ready to view something fresh.

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