Zoom Introduces AI-Powered Summaries for Missed Meetings

Zoom Introduces AI-Powered Summaries for Missed Meetings

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Recently, Zoom has launched two new essential attributes as part of its Zoom IQ platform, i.e.,  meeting summary and chat compose. The main objective to introduced these features is to improve team productivity, work prioritization, and efficient collaboration.

With the help platform’s advanced language models in Meeting summaries, Zoom meeting hosts can create meeting summaries. Then, they can share this summary with their teammates through Team Chat and email. Now, there is no need to record the whole meeting conversation.

These summaries are usually generated for hosts, who can later share them with their team members who missed this meeting. This feature improves the team’s collaboration and enhances productivity also.

Smita Hashim, Zoom’s chief product officer, explained the importance of these attributes and stated that they enable teams to boost their productivity in their daily activities. With the help of generative AI assistant technology,  teams can contribute more time to creative work and stretch their collaborative efforts.

Chat compose, the second feature, helps users to write a message using generative AI-powered technology from OpenAI. It can draft a customized message based on the context of the Team Chat thread. They can tailor the tone, length and even rephrase responses. This attribute assists users in communicating more effectively within the team.

To utilize these features, customers are required to navigate to the Zoom administration console and select the option to participate in the corresponding free trials for each feature.

Furthermore, the company has officially disclosed its ongoing efforts in developing generative AI-powered features. These forthcoming enhancements encompass the capability to compose email content, provide summaries of Team Chat discussions, facilitate idea organization, and generate whiteboard content.

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