Why Flutter is the Top Choice for Cross-Platform App Development?

Why Flutter is the Top Choice for Cross-Platform App Development?

Reasons To Choose Flutter For Your Cross-Platform Projects

Industry leaders are always looking for or attempting to obtain a fast, cheap, and easy-to-use platform to get their products or services to market. Moreover, they no longer want to assign a different team to a different platform for the same task. Flutter allows them to build a multi-platform product with a single codebase, whether for mobile, web, or desktop. 

Flutter can speed up product development and synchronize release schedules to increase your customer base and revenue. However, you must hire Flutter app developers for your business and craft well-integrated production plans. 

Flutter for your business

Flutter is an open-source framework that builds smooth and scalable cross-platform applications and is designed by Google. It includes a platform-independent codebase for creating applications with engaging user interfaces that compete with native apps. It is a portable UI toolkit that builds natively compiled platform applications from a single codebase. 

Flutter uses a large library of widgets and plugins to speed up cross-platform app development. Most of its system is based on the Dart language. It is a modern, object-oriented programming language. Moreover, it is easy for a developer to learn and customize their desired widgets.

9 Top Most Reasons to Choose Flutter

Here are some of the reasons why businesses and users prefer Flutter app development services:

  • Good for cross-platform development

The primary reason to choose Flutter is that it is cost-effective and offers fast cross-platform development compared to native. However, before Flutter, cross-platform apps had failed in terms of performance and native appearance, as it allows apps to perform similar functions as native ones.

  • Portability

After the last release of Flutter 3 in May 2022, from a single codebase, six platforms are available: Android, iOS, Web, Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

With minor changes, developers can create an app for all platforms using a single code base. It allows for reaching a greater audience without additional expenses or time spent developing each platform separately.

  • Excellent performance

Flutter apps (60 to 120 fps) provide great performance results due to the programming language. Iit supports ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation which allows the Flutter code to run faster natively without relying on intermediaries, unlike other cross-platform frameworks that use bridging.

  • Less time-to-market

A Flutter app usually takes from 2 to 6 months to develop. It can be developed faster when compared to native mobile apps with the following characteristics: 

  • The single code base for six different platforms
  • Customizable widgets and components
  • Hot reload feature to restart the app after each modification

Flutter app development

  • Hot reload feature

The hot reload function is the one developers like the most in Flutter. It allows you to see changes to the code without having to restart the application. It helps to find and eliminate code errors in real-time and allows more experimenting for a better user experience.

  • Lower development cost

Flutter is budget-friendly, which is another good reason to choose it. It is typically 30%—40% less expensive than a native app. 

  • Great design

The rich customizable widgets and components in Flutter allow developers to create unique mobile apps. Moreover, it provides opportunities to develop highly native apps with modern interfaces for a smooth user experience.

  • MVP development

Flutter can also be a perfect tool for startups to develop MVPs. With the help of Flutter, they can develop or launch a product that is fast and cost-effective. Thus, you can start testing your business model on the market faster than native apps. Another reason to choose Flutter is its outstanding scalability, which means you can modify it and add new features and deploy them quickly 

  • Community

Flutter is a framework where anyone can participate in its development and success. Various Flutter app developers share their experiences, contribute documentation, or develop educational material worldwide. 

Moreover, it constantly improves based on the scenarios and involves the community’s experiences. Furthermore, Google consistently provides regular updates to support the framework.

Steps to consider when building a Flutter app for your business

The Flutter framework is a perfect choice for projects impacted by time constraints and tight budgets. Flutter is the right choice for projects with less time or budget and when aesthetic design and UX are the top priorities.

While developing a web app for your business using Flutter, you should consider a few things:

  • Do market research

One of the most important steps is to conduct complete market research to get valuable insights. It helps you understand and learn from your competitors’ mistakes. Moreover, you can develop a more innovative and better strategy.

  • Choose excellent design

The first thing users see when they arrive at an app is its design and how it interacts with them. Flutter offers a color palette selection with eye-catching animations for its users and provides an impressive visual experience. The Flutter app can provide overall effectiveness through its functionality and attractiveness. 

  • Know your audience

Knowing your target audience is very important and helps to decide the list of features for your MVP. If you know your audience well, you can concentrate on what matters and focus on the necessary features in the backlog. Also, you can take suggestions and opinions from them and align your objectives with user demands, leading to more users for your application.

app development

  • Development

Mobile app development is a highly interactive process that includes stages such as:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Review

At this step, businesses often look to hire a Flutter mobile app company to develop their Android app with interactive features and UI using Flutter. Mobile app development includes three essential elements: the backend, API, and mobile app front end.

  • Choose the right development company

Choosing the best Flutter app development company is important in making your app user-friendly and intuitive. Your chosen company must have in-depth knowledge or hands-on experience in delivering excellent app designs and ensuring the best customer service. 

Things to consider while choosing a development company

You may conduct a checklist analysis with the key questions below before choosing a development company for your business:

  • Are they an experienced Flutter app development company?
  • Will they provide post-development app maintenance services?
  • How do they interact with their existing users?
  • What is their development approach?
  • How well do they understand your project requirements?

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Is Flutter good for app development?

Flutter is a well-organized, portable GPU-executing UI with smooth performance across multiple interfaces. Moreover, it gives the best productivity with fewer costs, which makes it the right choice for app development. 

  • Is Flutter a front end or a backend?

Flutter can be used for both, whether it is frontend or backend development. However, developers usually use it to create beautiful and interactive user interfaces for the front end.

  • What is the average cost of Flutter app development?

The cost of developing an app can vary based on several factors affecting the price. Depending on the app’s complexity, it may range from $40,000 to $300,000.

  • Which backend language is best for Flutter?

Flutter uses the Dart programming language to develop iOS, web, and Android platform apps.

  • Do you need to learn C++ before Flutter?

If you want to learn flutter, first, you need to know the concept of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Also, you can learn C++ or any other programming language. 

Mobile App Development


Flutter app development is a great framework for businesses trying to reach the most users through a mobile app. User-friendliness and cost-cutting benefits make everyone use it, like developers, CTOs, and business owners. 

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