UI/UX Design 101

UI/UX Design 101

UI/UX Design 101

We live in a world of intuitive touch screens and iPhone apps. Nowadays, it is pointless to create websites and applications without keeping UI and UX designs in mind. UX Design is commonly known as User Experience Design and UI Design is referred to the term User Interface Design.

Generally, users like to visit websites that have an attractive user interface and offers intuitive user-experience. UI and UX designs improve user satisfaction and make the user’s interaction with a product better and easier.

User Interface Design

UI Design

A great user interface design must look polished, perform well and allow users to achieve their objectives without getting them confused. You can easily distinguish between a first-rate UI design and a low quality UI design by comparing the famous and the unfamiliar websites online. A great UI separates great apps and websites from the ordinary ones. Don’t forget that an intricate interface design can make your site or app look unique but it can also confuse and make people lose interest in your product. Nowadays, the UI design is being developed to achieve better user experience with the help of UX research.

User Experience Design

UX Design

The goal is to achieve optimal user satisfaction by working on the usability and accessibility elements of your product. A user should be able to enjoy the interaction and have a pleasant experience with your product. A UX design comprises of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction design) that is intended to provide a satisfactory experience to the users. One of the key factors of UX design is UX research. It is imperative in order to achieve a successful UX design. A great example would be Basecamp. They know what makes their product tick and they have kept their focus on UX design to create an amazing project collaboration application.

Achieve perfection with UI and UX Design combined

Combined UI and UX Design

Today’s UI developers have started creating designs keeping user experience in mind. UI designs these days are solely aimed at achieving excellent UX. So, if you are looking to create an amazing website or app, it is time that you start learning the basics of both UI and UX design forms. Remember that both of these designs are equally important in order to achieve the best final product.

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