Top 6 Apps To Help You Manage Your PPC Campaigns

Top 6 Apps To Help You Manage Your PPC Campaigns

Top 6 Apps To Help You Manage Your PPC Campaigns

Just counting on organic search results to help you meet business goals is not enough anymore. You need a solid pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategy along with real-time monitoring of the market to succeed.


Do you really want to miss out on such a reliable revenue building opportunity?

The key to a successful PPC strategy is timely management. The way you manage, evaluate and update your strategy effects your results. You cannot wait to get back to office to manage your tasks. You need to be able to do it efficiently while on the go. For that you need the right tools such as the following apps that can help you manage everything from accounts, reporting to teams.

1. Google AdWords To Manage Accounts


AdWords is arguably the most commonly used tool used for managing PPC campaigns. From Google AdWords app, you can analyze how many people are interacting with your ad. You can monitor the clicks and CTR (Click Through Rate). You can immediately alter the campaign by updating bids and budgets. You get real-time notifications and can always get in touch with a Google expert for guidance and suggestions.

Google AdWords is available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

2. Google Analytics For Reports


The best analytic tool in the market right now! It gives greater insights about your campaign’s performance. It keeps you updated with real-time data related to keywords, Display targeting, Search queries, revenue etc. It helps you create custom reports for clients by using any combination of metrics that you want to include.

Available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


3. Snapseed For Creative Insights


If you are a marketer on the go, this is a must have tool for you. This photo editing app can help you run PPC campaigns on social media platforms. As you know, it is imperative to have professional looking images for social campaigns, Snapseed can help create professional images. It has 29 professional level tools and many features to transform any image. The images edited with this tool comes out flawless and highly appealing. It is a known fact that appealing images have more chances of getting clicked. So, make sure you have an app like Snapseed to create visually appealing images.

Available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

4. Zoho CRM for Managing Customer Relations

Zoho CRM

Finding the right clients via your PPC strategy is just the first half of the game. The second half is all about the ability to maintaining your clients. This is where Zoho CRM can help you. It is a great app for small businesses where it is imperative to show a personalized approach to clients. With the help of this app you can manage leads, contacts, and tasks. You can get more information about your customers. You can locate your contacts on maps and review their geographic data. You can use this app to communicate with your team and receive real-time alerts.

Available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

5. Asana For Project Management

Asana For Project Management

This is a new took that has drastically changed the project management on mobile platforms. It allows you and your team to keep a track of projects and tasks. It can be integrated with Google Suite. And the best part is that it’s free (for teams with 15 people or less). This app can be used as task management tool with “complete to-dos, reminders, and tasks assignment.” It can also be used for tracking progress on a project and to communicate with teams.

Available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.

6. LastPass To Track Multiple Passwords

LastPass To Track Multiple Passwords

If you manage a lot of projects, you would know how hard it is to keep a track of passwords for all clients. This app is a life saver for people who have a hard time remembering multiple passwords. This app can store and sync all of your online account usernames and passwords. It can help you fill forms automatically. It offers password ideas and help generate secure password combinations. You can also setup and emergency account access via shared access with team or family members.

Available in the Google Play Store and iTunes.


Being a marketing expert it is not easy to keep things rolling on the go. However, these new apps gives us the advantage we need in this highly competitive field. You can use these apps on daily basis, whether you’re at home, office or traveling, now you can manage your PPC campaigns from anywhere.

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