Technologies That Are Changing The Landscape Of Mobile Apps

Technologies That Are Changing The Landscape Of Mobile Apps

Technologies That Are Changing The Landscape Of Mobile Apps

Do you remember those old days when mobiles were the size of bricks with small black and white screens? Well, the times have certainly changed, isn’t it?

The advent of Smart phones has drastically changed the landscape of mobile technology. Nowadays, people have an App. for almost all daily activities and entertainment. If you are an App development company, you have to keep up with the fast growing pace of mobile technologies. Especially if you don’t want to be left out!

Here are some emerging technologies that you have to keep in mind.

Interactive Interfaces

You might not have noticed this but we are slowly letting go of traditional interface ideas. The old “Click” function is slowly disappearing whereas new gestures like swiping, haptic touch, voice commands etc. are taking over. The time has come for an interactive interface that is gaining popularity among the users of all ages. If you’re an App. development company, you need to anticipate what your users’ want and showcase new technologies for creating user-friendly Apps. As an App. creator, you have to come up with intuitive ways for App. navigation.

Take a look at this amazing weather App. that is voice activated along with quirky animation to keep you hooked.

Interactive Interfaces

Streamlined data available for App. Creators

Streamlined data available

We live in a digital age where we are flooded with information every moment of the day. Did you know that as per statistics, we are fed data equal to 174 newspapers per day? With the advent of Smart technology, companies are trying to transform this high load of data into usable information that we can utilize to create better Apps.


With so many outlets like emails, social media and review forums; you get to know what your users want or looking for. You get all the streamlined data about your target market along with all the statistics and analysis to create Apps that meets the user demands. Right data enables faster sales and conversions.


AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality

Remember Pokemon Go? It is a perfect example of augmented reality in an App.

AR is a simple yet powerful technology that people love to explore. All they have to do is point their camera to something and get comprehensive information about it. We are reaching to a point where you can point a camera towards a person and get information about that person right on your mobile.

Take a look at this another example –

This App. helps people find the nearest bar that serves their favorite beer. There are many Apps available now that can help you learn more about geographic locations such as Wikitude.



Do you remember those old spy movies, where a spy could talk to someone via their watch? Well, this is now a daily routine for people having Apple watches!

Wearables are becoming a part of our daily lives without us even noticing it. From Fitbit to Apple watch – we have this amazing technology that can tell us our heart rate, distance traveled, show messages, emails, make calls etc.

Developing Apps for wearable is getting a lot of attention and the trend is catching on. Users want to keep their phones in their pocket while still be able to make calls, read messages or listen to music. So, if you are an App. development company, you need to branch out to wearable App. development and get the hang of this new technology.

IOT (Internet of Things) & AI

Internet of Things

It is becoming quite impossible to survive without the Internet these days, wouldn’t you agree?

Nowadays, the Internet is readily available for everyone and along with the advent of smart products, IoT has found its foothold in our life. From automatic lights to A.C., all can be controlled via our Smart Phones now!

With AI’s like Amazon Echo, now products have a digital voice and can be commanded to perform certain functions such as play music, set reminders etc. There is a ton of opportunity in the field of IoT and the market is currently up for grabs. Internet of things has the ability to drastically reduce the amount of human effort that is required to do a task. There are going to be a lot of smart machines controlled by AI and Apps in the coming future. Are you ready for it?

Do you have any other technology in mind that has the potential to change the landscape of mobile Apps? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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