Study Reveals 43% of Companies to Utilize AI for Recruitment Process by 2024

Study Reveals 43% of Companies to Utilize AI for Recruitment Process by 2024


Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly gaining traction in daily life and is essential to many sectors of the economy and utility apps. It is not surprising that AI is progressively replacing work that human specialists have historically done.

Tasks such as teaching, providing information, and facilitating ticket bookings are now seamlessly handled by AI. Furthermore, the emergence of AI conducting job interviews is on the horizon.

So, would AI replace hiring managers completely? Keep reading to find out!

A recent survey conducted by Resume Builder, a renowned resource for job seekers, has shed light on this growing trend. According to a survey, 43% of companies plan to incorporate AI for job interviews by 2024. Of this percentage, nearly 15% intend to rely solely on AI throughout the hiring process. The survey encompassed the responses of over 1,000 employees.

The findings indicated that two-thirds of the participants believe AI interviews will enhance hiring efficiency. Additionally, 15% of respondents said AI would autonomously make candidate decisions. Furthermore, over 50% of the participants believe that AI will ultimately replace human hiring managers.

Approximately 32% of the survey respondents stated that their companies have no intention of deploying AI for interviews. The reasons cited by this group included a preference for direct interactions with potential candidates, concerns about cost-effectiveness, and apprehensions surrounding unknown outcomes and risks. Furthermore, many respondents in this category acknowledged their limited awareness of AI tools designed for job interviews.

Of the participants whose companies planned to utilize AI for interviews in 2024, approximately 85% indicated that the AI software would provide candidate recommendations while humans would make the final decision. So, the role of hiring managers will not be completely taken over by AI, but it will help them streamline the recruitment process.

When asked about the stages of the hiring process where AI would be utilized, 65% mentioned it would serve as an initial screening tool, 14% viewed it as the final step and 17% believed the AI interview would be the sole stage. Participants were also asked about the evaluation criteria employed by AI. 83% mentioned that AI would assess specific job qualifications, while the remainder highlighted its role in evaluating cultural fit.

Among the respondents whose companies currently employ AI for interviews and applicant tracking software (ATS), 60% considered ATS more effective than AI interviews. Regarding efficiency, 65% believed that AI would enhance the hiring process, 14% anticipated a decrease in efficiency, and 21% expected no significant impact.

The survey, commissioned by ResumeBuilder, was conducted by SurveyMonkey earlier this month. It involved 2,286 employed Americans aged between 18 and 64 who served as hiring managers or were involved in hiring decisions, albeit not being the primary decision-makers.

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