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Texas Flange


Texas Flange specializes in providing Asme code & Non-code industrial flanges. They are based in the USA. They provide ANSI, API, and AWWA pipe flanges in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys, and chrome.

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A lack of conversions is a common problem in many B2B paid campaigns. When our client first joined us, they were experiencing poor ROI and extensive issues with their lead generation process.

They wanted to increase their keyword rankings in major search engines to generate more targeted traffic and get leads through their website.

They invested heavily in paid campaigns. However, their ads were performing poorly due to improper campaign setup and optimization. Moreover, their previous service provider could not deliver the expected results. It is one of the main reasons they reached out to us.

Objectives and Expectations

We aimed to improve their paid campaigns, increase customer retention, and expand their upsell possibilities.

Our objectives were to improve organic traffic and conversion rate. Our smart implementation of carefully crafted PPC campaigns provided optimal results like increased CTRs, great exposure, high average position, low Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and more.

The primary lead generation source was via PPC campaigns, which were not performing as per the client’s expectations. So, we focused our major efforts on creating and setting up customized campaigns to drive quality B2B leads and direct traffic to the website.

  • Increasing conversion rate, ROAS, CTR, and revenue
  • Decreasing bounce rate and cost per conversion.

What we offered:

  • Understood the business and conveyed the same to potential clients
  • In-depth market research
  • Researched and identified the target audience
  • Performed detailed keyword research analysis
  • Shared Competitor research reports on device strategy for paid campaigns
  • Proper campaign setup
  • Proper campaign management
  • Created responsive ads to ensure reach to mobile audiences

Our approach

To start with, we analyzed the client’s website from a technical viewpoint. It meant a complete SEO Audit to determine and fix any serious performance problems.

Afterward, we researched a set of target keywords and mapped them to existing pages on the client’s website.

It enabled us to optimize each page for a specific target keyword, and landing pages played a vital role in assisting the client’s website rank for those keywords.

In close communication with the client, we created an approach based on:

  • Understanding their business model, objectives, and needs
  • Developing both short-term and long-term strategies
  • Looking for growth options and aligning the campaigns as per the findings
  • Regular revision & analysis of the campaign and account performance check
  • Add required keywords, add relevant content, and Add CTAs.
  • Testing different ad copies to review the performance
  • Using quality images and graphics in display ads
  • We also improved the site’s internal linking structure and devoted time to building quality backlinks to help our rankings for competitive keywords.

Responsive UI/UX

We were asked to make an app that enables Patients to visit Doctors online for live video consultations for the care, diagnosis and at the same time they should follow-up treatment of non-emergent conditions from anywhere and at any time.



Our campaign performed remarkably well—look at the results below.
The most notable improvements include:

Clicks: 3213 to 6619 = 106%

If we are talking about clicks, they improved up to 106%.

CTR: 0.84% to 4.85%

By generating relevant clicks for ads, the average click-through rate (CTR) increased by 477%

Avg. CPC: 0.96% to 0.79% = 17%

The average cost per click was reduced by 17% in a few months.

Cost / Conv: 15.06% to 6.91% = 54%

The average cost per conversion has fallen every month, with an overall drop of  54%

Conversions: 204% to 1292% = 533%

The conversion rate has also seen a remarkable increase, with 533%. First, it was 204%, and now it is 1292%, a considerable boost.

Conversion rate: 6.37% to 19.52% = 205.4%

The conversion rate increased by 205.4 %. It was 6.37%, and now it is 19.52%