Microsoft Copilot app is now available for Android: Latest Tech News

Microsoft Copilot app is now available for Android: Latest Tech News

Microsoft copilot app

If you are looking to indulge in generative AI technology on your Android phone, the Latest Tech News is you can try out the new Android app launched by Microsoft. This app is meant for the copilot chatbot like Windows 11 Copilot. The app is powered by DALL-E3 and GPT-4 and is free to use. One need not have to sign into their Microsoft account to use this app.

Though the app is not new, in the sense that it resembles the AI functions available in Bing for Android phones, it does not carry extra Bing features such as weather and news.

Microsoft has recently published a dedicated Copilot app for Android smartphones. This implies that users will no longer need to utilize the Bing mobile app to access the Copilot app. This new software, currently available on Google Play, gives users direct access to Microsoft’s Copilot, an AI-powered utility. Unlike the iOS version, the Android version has been available for about a week.

Microsoft’s Copilot app for Android, like ChatGPT, has diverse features, such as chatbot capabilities, picture creation using DALL-E 3, and assistance writing text for emails and documents. Notably, it gives users free access to OpenAI’s sophisticated GPT-4 model, charged for when utilizing ChatGPT.

This rollout comes a little over a month after Microsoft rebranded Bing Chat to Copilot. Copilot, a ChatGPT-like interface in search results first presented within the Bing search engine earlier this year, has emerged as a standalone experience. It has its domain at, mimicking ChatGPT’s separate existence.

The release of Copilot mobile applications is a logical next step in broadening the standalone Copilot experience. This transition correlates with the renaming of Bing Chat Enterprise to just Copilot. While an iOS version is unavailable now, it is expected to be released soon. In the meantime, iPhone and iPad users may access Copilot capabilities via the Bing app until the dedicated iOS version is released.

There is no Latest Tech News on news on a separate Copilot for iOS app, so if you are using an iPhone, you will have to settle for Bing for iOS for the time being. Microsoft has not stated anything formal about its new Android app.

This advancement represents Microsoft’s desire to simplify its AI-driven products, offering consumers a distinct and comprehensive experience via Copilot. The availability of Copilot as a standalone app on Android emphasizes the company’s approach of providing adaptable and user-friendly AI-powered solutions across different platforms, with ambitions to expand to iOS devices in the future.

People familiar with Bing AI or Copilot will recognize the new app’s features.

One can use Copilot to make direct inquiries like a web search, have complicated topics explained in simple words, have Copilot write fresh writing on any subject, and much more. The program also supports text, graphic, and audio instructions.

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