Is Your Content Delivering Value to Your Audience?

Is Your Content Delivering Value to Your Audience?

Is Your Content Delivering Value to Your Audience?

Good content is all about storytelling. It is the art of arousing curiosity in people’s minds and keeping them engrossed. Whether it provides insights, inspiration, unique ideas, or advice on something significant, it must deliver value to the audiences.

Wondering if your content is good or not?  Check if it delivers value to your audience.

As per research by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 48% of marketers are genuinely interested in improving the quality of their content to enhance the conversion rate of their audience.

What makes content good that delivers value to your audience?

It has four distinctive qualities –

  • Original
  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Creative

But to amplify the conversion rate, you must pay equal attention to the right Call-To-Action (CTA).

The Growing Market

The content marketing industry is expanding exponentially, and you cannot confine your focus to narrow-funnel metrics that only target lead generation. The versatility of content marketing allows good content to meet the objectives throughout the buyer’s journey. If you want to deliver valuable content, you must focus on creating content formats for different stages of the marketing funnel.

Examples of content formats with the marketing funnel

The Top Funnel

Goal: Brand Awareness – Educational Content – Blog posts, Webinars, Comprehensive Guides, Video Explainers, User-friendly Landing pages, Social Media & Ads.

The Middle Funnel

Goal: Direct Customer Acquisition – Solution Content – Case Studies, Demo Videos, How-to contents showcasing your product/service, Whitepapers.

The Bottom Funnel

Goal: Customer Conversion – Ratings, feedback questionnaire, reviews, and testimonials.

Beyond the Funnel

Goal: Customer Retention/Delight- Help Documentation, Giveaways, Special Offers, Surveys, Email-Outreach & Follow-up, Insider How-to for enriching the user experiences.

It is not a definitive rule that you follow the above set of content in totality. Still, it is just for giving you a basic idea for creating content that delivers value to your audience.

5 Tips for creating valuable content

1. Instead of mimicking, research, and check what has been overlooked by others. Plug the gaps with a unique angle, introduce an idea, and fill it with some original message.

2. Ask customers/clients directly via emails, calls, surveys, or social media polls, what they want, and create content that’s relevant/useful to them.

3. Share your wins into creating helpful content like guides, checklists, case studies, or templates.

4. Share your failures – it shows you are human. Create content that highlights the ways you have navigated through challenges and the risks you have taken that failed you. Showcase content that focuses on the meaningful takeaways as experiences that you gained from the failures.

5. We all live in a busy world, so focus on ways to deliver information that’s easy to understand. When you simplify a complex idea, it shows your valuable service in itself.

To create good content, you need to improve your content model and style of marketing continually. To learn more, get in touch with our team!

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