How Primotech Helped Wise Rx To Improve Their Web Presence

How Primotech Helped Wise Rx To Improve Their Web Presence

How Primotech Helped Wise Rx To Improve Their Web Presence

WiseRx is an US based company that offers prescription discount cards to help people save money on prescription drugs. The Rx cards offered by Wise Rx Company are available for free and are acceptable at more than 60,000 pharmacies across the USA. You can use this card for all your family members as well as your pets. It has no limited use.

Wise Rx required digital marketing services from Primotech to improve their online presence, boost traffic, increase conversions and their search engine rankings. Initially, the website was not SEO and User friendly. So, we recommended some critical website changes that were imperative to make their website friendly for users as well as search engines. Our proficient digital marketing team implemented some effective marketing strategies to help them find footing in an excessively competitive market of prescription discount cards.

Wise Rx Requirements

  • Increase web visibility
  • Get more traffic to their site.
  • Make their website optimized for search engines.
  • Make their website user-friendly.
  • Increase conversions

Challenges We Faced & Solutions

Primotech’s digital marketing team undertook all the requirements of WiseRx into consideration and drew attention to the challenges to come. We created realistic and bespoke marketing strategies to meet all the challenges and goals.

#1. Improved The Rankings For Highly Competitive Keywords

We improved the rankings for highly competitive keywords including Prescription Discount Card Download, Free Rx Card Download, Download RX Discount Card by implementing white hat SEO techniques, content marketing and effective link building. We achieved desired rankings in very short span of time.

#2. Improved User Experience

Solution: We were able to increase the traffic, but the site was missing some action points for the visitors. We made some changes on the website to improve user experience.

Major changes that we implemented on the website were:

  • Added banners to home page
  • Revamped content
  • Added compelling CTAs
  • Added web forms to gather user’s information

#3. Increased Conversion Rate for Discount Cards

By improving user experience (offering them a refined navigation) and search engine rankings, we were able to improve the total conversion rate by 352.78%.

#4. Increased Web Presence

We increased their web presence by implementing robust social media marketing strategies. It helped to boost traffic and encouraged engagement on their official page.

  • Updated and shared relevant and informational content
  • Promoted content on social media channels
  • Optimized Social Media Accounts
  • Engaged regularly with the audience
  • Monitored paid ad campaigns

#5. Reduced Bounce Rate

With proper content optimization, CTA placement and internal linking, we reduced the bounce rate by 34.74%.  We wrote unique and quality articles for their website which helped retain the users for a longer period.

Primotech considers Wise Rx project as a true SEO success. With SEO optimized, user-friendly site a long with keyword-optimized content and buzzing social media, we have built a strong and lasting online presence for them. Within 1 year, Primotech has delivered on all WiseRx requirements and achieved top rankings for

Here are some success stats:

  • Organic search traffic to landing pages increased by 55.72%.
  • Bounce rate improved to 34.74%.
  • Total conversions improved by 352.78%

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Primotech continues to offer SEO maintenance, content marketing and social media marketing services to WiseRx.

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