How Apple Watch Facelifts our Wearable Technology?

How Apple Watch Facelifts our Wearable Technology?


What comes to mind when you hear the term “Wearable Technology?” We bet it is an Apple Watch or a Smartwatch. In recent years, this portable gadget has made an important mark in the world of technology. This portable device is considered as an interesting gadget that can help you make calls, check caller id, access visual voicemails, and more. The main goal of this modern wearable gadget is to provide faster access to technology, thereby saving our effort and time.

A basic Smartwatch can perform the onerous tasks of calculations, language translations, and more. It performs like a mini computer; having its own layout, operating system, and has the capability to run a pool of applications. In addition, it is now being equipped with sensors which allow it to work as activity tracker.

Smartwatches come in different shapes and sizes. The big and brighter models have received better response from the people while the ones with white and black screens didn’t fare that well. However, Apple Watch has completely changed the face of technology. It is considered as a killer wearable device that can perform better than laptops, smartphones and tablet. It has improved our lives in sizable ways, especially in the field of business. Let’s discuss some positive sides of Apple Watch.

1. It can track your heart rate

Currently, Apple Watch is playing a major role in the field of fitness and health. With the help of Apple Watch you can easily track your heart rate along with how many steps you have walked every day.

2. Save your money

In addition to other functions, this hands-free gadget can be set up to monitor your health status. So without the need of heart rate monitors, pedometers, and fitness bands, you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

3. Save your time

Paring your smartwatch with your iPhone can make your tasks easier. Your watch acts as a hands-free, simplified route to your smartphone, providing notifications at a glance without the need to fiddle with your iPhone device.

4. Change the settings as per your taste

This digital watch allows you to choose colors, change design elements and add functionality according to your taste. Everyone’s choice is different, as so is everyone’s wrist size. Apple Watch comes in two different sizes: 38mm and 42mm. So choose your watch according to the size of your wrist.

5. Digital touch

With the help of this powerful device you can easily contact your friends or loved ones by just tapping on the screen. This feature is slightly similar to the poke feature on Facebook. You can tap to a specific pattern on your ‘Apple Watch face’ and your friends will be able to feel it on their wrist through smooth vibrations. More importantly, this tap feature allows you to share your heart rate with others.

6. Simple and easy navigation

These days, Smartwatches can be difficult to use due to their smaller displays, but the Apple Watch has a cool tool that makes the process of navigation easier. The digital crown on the watch’s right edge acts like a home button. Turning it lets you zoom into apps and pressing it returns you to the main menu.

7. Access to entertainment

Apple Watch is fully packed with a music control feature that allows you to pause, play or forward songs, in addition to raising and lowering the volume. In Apple Watch, you can access your iTunes library, listen to iTunes radio, and access Apple TV with a single swipe.

Companies like Samsung, Sony, and Nokia launches hundreds of products every year. But this time Apple’s wearable gadget, ‘Apple Watch,’ stole everyone’s heart with its extraordinary features and functionalities.

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