How AI is Enhancing Facebook Features in 2023?

How AI is Enhancing Facebook Features in 2023?

Meta AI

Meta’s next-generation Ray-Bans Meta smart glasses contain Meta AI for a hands-free, on-the-go experience. You may utilize Meta AI to inspire creativity, obtain information, and operate the glasses by speaking. Today, Meta is releasing new upgrades to make the glasses smarter, and more useful than ever before.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses consumers can participate in an early access program to test and offer feedback on new features before they are released. Customers who have opted into the program can access a fresh test of multimodal AI-powered capabilities beginning today. You will not simply be able to communicate with your glasses; the built-in camera will allow the glasses to comprehend what you are viewing. You may ask Meta AI to help you write a caption for a photo you took while hiking, or you can ask Meta AI to describe an object you carry.

At Meta, AI has had a great year. They presented you with new AI experiences across their apps and devices, made our Llama family of big language models available, and published research discoveries like Emu Video and Emu Edit that will unleash new possibilities in our products next year. Today, Meta is revealing changes to several of their core AI experiences and new features available throughout their app family.

With friends, create and riff on images

Imagine, Meta’s text-to-image generating tool allows you to generate and share images on the fly, one of Meta AI’s most regularly used features across their messaging applications. Meta is constantly exploring new ways to make AIs more fun and sociable. Therefore, Meta is thrilled to introduce reimagine, a new feature to Meta AI on Messenger and Instagram. In a group chat, it operates as follows: Meta AI creates and distributes the first image you requested, and then your buddy may press and hold on to the image to riff on it with a simple word prompt, and Meta AI will create a new image. You may now kick photos back and forth as you laugh.

Discover New Reels in Meta AI

It is not enough to merely read about something. Sometimes, you want to see or feel it through means other than writing. Reels allow you to accomplish that. They are an excellent way to uncover new stuff, engage with producers, and be inspired. Meta is also starting to use Reels in Meta AI talks.

If you are planning a vacation to Tokyo with your group chat buddies, you may ask Meta AI to propose the finest locations to visit and share Reels of the top attractions to help you determine which attractions are must-sees.

Enhancing Your Facebook Experience

Meta is also continuing to develop on Facebook to assist people with their daily lives, making expression and discovery simpler than ever before.

Meta AI is working on methods to leverage AI to help you produce the ideal birthday message to share with your bestie, modify your Feed posts, prepare a smart introduction for your Facebook Dating page, or even set up a new Group.

Meta is experimenting with ways to make and distribute AI-generated photographs on Facebook, such as converting images from landscape to portrait orientation so they may be shared more easily in Stories.

Meta is also experimenting with leveraging Meta AI to expose information in Groups so you do not miss out on the most significant talks and recommend subjects for new chats to help you stay involved in your communities. Meta testing on Marketplace using Meta AI to assist consumers in learning more about the things they are thinking about buying and locating related or alternative items.

Meta is still only scratching the surface of what AI is capable of. Stay tuned for more updates in 2024.

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