Google’s John Mueller Advises Caution When Using Google Sites for SEO

Google’s John Mueller Advises Caution When Using Google Sites for SEO

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In a recent discussion, Google’s John Mueller addressed the use of Google Sites for SEO, shedding light on its limited efficacy.

Google Sites, a web creation service available at with a signed-in Google account, offers a free website builder and allows users to publish under a domain or use a custom domain name.

A user expressed concern about their Google Sites webpages not being properly indexed by Google. Mueller acknowledged that URLs on Google Sites can indeed be indexed in Google Search.

However, he cautioned that Google Sites may not be ideal for SEO purposes, citing complexities in tracking and monitoring through Search Console. Mueller recommended considering alternative options, emphasizing the advantages of using a custom domain name.

He also touched on the issue of link spamming, noting that Google Sites is frequently targeted by spammers engaging in a tactic known as “Google Stacking.”This practice falsely assumes that authority and trust are transferred from Google subdomains to spammy sites through interlinked pages. Mueller clarified that Google does not use such “trust” or “authority” metrics.

Despite the popularity of Google Stacking, Mueller’s statement that Google Sites are “not ideal for SEO purposes” raises questions about the platform’s suitability for those prioritizing SEO in their web endeavors.

You can watch the interaction here:

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