Google Removes Public URL Submission Tool

Google Removes Public URL Submission Tool

Google Removes Public URL Submission Tool

Do you know…?

Google has removed the public version of its URL submission tool.

Here is the announcement.

Google now advise site owners to use Search Console’s Fetch & Submit tool to submit new URLs.  Moreover, site owners can update a sitemap to notify Google about the new pages.

Remember that Google allows site owners to submit up to 10 individual URLs per day.

Steps to submit URLs to Google Search Console

Here are some steps that site owners can follow to submit their URLs to Google’s index via Search Console:

  • Perform a fetch request for a URL using Fetch as Google.

  • Click “Request indexing” next to the fetch in the fetch history table.
  • Select between a single URL or URL and its direct links as per your requirement.

  • Click “Submit” to queue your request.

You need to remember that the crawler can take several days to crawl the submitted URLs. This means that recrawling is not immediate or guaranteed.

The biggest drawback of using the Search Console to index new URL is that people will only be able to submit URLs from sites they have verified ownership of.

That could be a problem for users who want to notify Google of new URLs on sites they don’t personally own, such as a blog article with a link pointing back to their site.

In addition, the URL submission form that once appeared in the SERPs when searching for “submit URL to Google” is gone.

Why Google did this?  

Most of the site owners that were unaware of Google Search Console were using Public URL submission tool to submit URLs. Users were using Public URL submission tool to submit pages they didn’t own.  This results in more spammy content over the internet. So to avoid spamming and to keep a track of URLS, Google advise digital marketers to use Google Search Console. This will get the URL indexed and push Page Rank faster.

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