Google Removes Date Range Search Filter from Mobile

Google Removes Date Range Search Filter from Mobile


In a recent update, Google removed the custom date range search filter for mobile users. Now, users can only access this feature by checking the desktop version of Google.

Google quietly informed about this change in a forum thread:

“After much thought and consideration, Google has decided to retire the Search Custom Date Range Tool on mobile. Today we are starting to gradually unlaunch this feature for all users, as we believe we can create a better experience by focusing on more highly-utilized search features that work seamlessly across both mobile and desktop. Please note that this will still be available on desktop, and all other date restriction tools [e.g., “Past hour,” “Past 24 hours,” “Past week,” “Past month,” “Past year”] will remain on mobile.”

Custom Date Range Search Filter


This custom date range search option helped users to search results and filter them by mentioning a start and end date.

This filter was found under:

Search Tools > Any Time > Custom Range

The custom range option is now not available for the mobile users. Now the mobile users will only be able to search time as per the past hour, last 24 hours, last week, last month and last year.

Did you ever use this custom date range feature?

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