Google experiments with ‘App highlights’ in Play Store listings by utilizing AI

Google experiments with ‘App highlights’ in Play Store listings by utilizing AI

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Google is attempting to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to power new features for all of its services and products, including Google Workspace and smartphones. The Google Play Store is one place where we have yet to see a lot of AI that interacts with users. Since November of last year, Google has been testing AI-based features on the Play Store, so it’s obvious that the company wants to change that.

Google recently deployed its latest AI effort in the Play Store, now accessible through App Highlights, as noted by Android specialist @AssembleDebug in a post on X. Users can now quickly peruse brief details about an app with the new App Highlights feature. These highlights likely derive from the app’s lengthy description.

Actually, the app’s highlights are often as little as a few words and are incredibly succinct. Consider the X app, which was formerly known as Twitter, and its updated features. In the Play Store listing for the X app, Google’s AI simply highlighted “direct messages” as a simple and succinct highlight. Rather than being in-depth explanations, these seem to be factual bullet points.

Google has approached AI app summaries differently than this in the past. The business has tested long application-related details seen in Play Store listings called App FAQs. Furthermore, AI-generated App FAQs contained data from user evaluations on the Play Store.

The App FAQs resided just above the customer reviews area, positioned near the bottom of Play Store listings. Conversely, the more recent app highlights appear directly beneath the Install button at the top of the Play Store page.

Interestingly, end users lack the ability to utilize the App highlights function manually.  Some users have already reported accessing the feature, which is currently undergoing evaluation via a server-side rollout. However, there appears to be a scarcity of available exams at present.

An App Highlights block will appear close to the top of a Google Play Store listing for users who are able to use the feature. It says, “Get details about this app summarised by Google AI.” Users will still need to actively hit Show in order to access App highlights, even if they are visible.

It’s evident that Google is experimenting with a number of different AI integration strategies for the Play Store. It’s uncertain when Play Store customers can expect to see summaries of Google’s AI app iterations included universally.

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