Google Cloud Introduces Generative AI Support In Vertex AI

Google Cloud Introduces Generative AI Support In Vertex AI


Google Cloud has introduced support for generative AI in its cloud-based machine learning platform, Vertex AI. This update expanded the availability of advanced generative AI models beyond data science and engineering.

Users of Vertex AI now have access to a range of generative AI models developed by Google. These models covered various content types such as text, chat, images, code, and text embeddings. The models are categorized based on their content generation capabilities, allowing users to select the most suitable one to cater to specific use cases.

PaLM 2, A Generative AI model

One notable generative AI model available is PaLM 2, a language model powering the PaLM API. Vertex AI enables users to leverage the generative capabilities of Google’s PaLM API, which utilizes large language models to generate text and code in response to natural language prompts.

Leveraging The Power Of PaLM API

The PaLM API offers specialized features tailored to different use cases, including language tasks, multi-turn conversations, generating vector embeddings for text, and code generation and completion.

Accessibility & Simplicity

Google aimed to democratize AI technology by adding generative capabilities to Vertex AI, making it accessible to a broader audience.

The platform provides an intuitive interface, including the Generative AI Studio, which allows users to integrate Google’s multimodal foundation models, such as PaLM, Imagen, Codey, and Chirp, into applications with minimal coding.

It opened opportunities for developers without a machine learning background to leverage generative AI without the complexities of provisioning storage and compute resources.

With Vertex AI, Google Cloud offered various pricing options and flexibility to accommodate different user needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and accessibility for individuals or small businesses with limited resources.


Google Cloud’s latest update to Vertex AI brought advanced generative models within reach of a broader audience, aiming to democratize artificial intelligence. The intuitive and low-code Generative AI Studio removed technical barriers and enabled even non-technical users to harness the power of generative AI.

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