Digital Marketing Strategies that Businesses Utilize During COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing Strategies that Businesses Utilize During COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing Strategies that Businesses Utilize During COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Economies have been disrupted, and millions of people across the world have lost their jobs. And small businesses have taken a blow they might never recover from. But the world will eventually get through this, and the economy will bounce back.

As things get better, businesses will fight tooth and nail to dominate the vying market. Here are a few digital marketing strategies that can make the transition smoother and help you get an edge over your competitors.

Recreate your business goals

COVID-19 has disrupted the business landscape, and companies need to reassess their business and marketing goals. See if your brand purpose and message are still relevant. Are you speaking what your customers want to hear? Can you fulfill your customers’ needs? If yes, then how?


All in all, you need to make sure your central focus of marketing is to help people get over these hard times. If you’re still focusing on profits and revenue, you’ll turn off your customers. If you’re not sure how to redefine your business goals, consult a Digital Marketing Company in USA.

Directory listings

Posting a free directory listing is a conventional marketing tactic to list your company in the Yellow Pages. Most new businesses in this digital era don’t bother registering their business. But adding your listing to a business directory can put you ahead of your competition. Once the coronavirus situation calms down, the competition would be cutthroat, and directory listing is an effective strategy to give your business a much-needed boost.

Many people in need of services still visit these directories. Many business directories also allow customers to leave ratings and reviews, which can propel your marketing efforts. If you’re not sure how to list your business, get in touch with a leading Digital Marketing Agency in the USA for help.

Use Google My Business

Google gets about 75% of desktop searches. And having an updated Google My Business listing is an easy and free way to introduce your business to customers in your area.

A typical Google SERP looks as follows: paid ad listings on the top, followed by three local results, and then the search results.  If you make it to the top three listings, you can attract thousands of customers without spending a penny on advertising.


But to find its way to the top, your listing would need to be filled and optimized. Local SEO is getting more competitive, and grabbing the top spot could be challenging. Working with the right Digital Marketing company in the USA can help you dominate the GMB listings in your area.

Consistent blogging

Creating blog posts is one of the best and inexpensive ways to keep your existing customers engaged. It also helps you generate new leads for your business.

Most of the people are locked in their homes, spending a significant portion of their day on the internet. They are looking to consume as much valuable content as possible. By creating informative, useful blogs, you can engage your existing and prospective customers.

Blogging also helps with SEO. Many small businesses have halted their SEO efforts amid the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, the competition is less, and if you invest in blogging, you are likely to get a significant SEO advantage.

Limit your outbound messages

If you’re planning to launch an outbound messaging campaign, remember this: your customers already have overflowing inboxes. Sending a message just because you’re offering a 10% discount on your product is not the right call.

Send outbound messages only in if:

  • You are canceling an event, service offering, or product roll-out
  • You want to give crucial information about delivery times or product inventory
  • A message of love or concern to affected customers

Otherwise, try to remain silent. This pandemic is not a marketing trend, so make sure your every communication is relevant and valuable.

Furthermore, perform an audit to determine how often your customers want to hear from you. Over-communicating can annoy your customers and ruin your brand reputation.

The right use of omnichannel marketing

In most countries, shops selling non-essential goods have been ordered to close. But online retail is still open, and states are encouraging it.


If you don’t sell online, find a way to do it. Selling online is the need of the hour, as brick-and-mortar stores are suffering the most. Therefore, redefine your brand goals to figure out a way to encourage your customers to buy online.

You can do this by formulating your campaigns that reward online shopping. Use customer data profiles to identify the requirements of your customers, and send them individualized product recommendations.

Test your inbound marketing strategy

As discussed, people are using the internet more than ever before. It has resulted in a surge in online traffic. More consumers than ever before are proactively researching your business.

Therefore, your inbound marketing strategy should be on-point. Ask your Digital Marketing Company USA to test your websites, chatbots, videos, brochures, and other inbound marketing materials. Find answers to questions like:

  • Are your consumers able to find you via search engines?
  • Does your website offer answers to current questions?
  • Is your marketing strategy helps your customers?

Use social media

More people than ever are going online and using social media to connect with their loved ones and the outside world. If you want to stay connected with your customers or acquire new customers, staying active on social media platforms can help.


When you interact with your customers on social media, they feel they’re being heard. It can help you humanize your brand and enhance its reputation.

You can also use social media as a customer support channel and solve your customers’ queries.


The right digital marketing strategy can help your business stay afloat and survive during the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, get in touch with a leading Digital Marketing agency in USA like us to redefine your business goals and inbound marketing strategy. Figure out what your customers expect from you, and give them what they need.

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