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Building a wonderful website is not the final goal. What’s more important is to be able to connect deeply with your customers, moving them through a defined path to reach specific goals. A smart digital marketing platform does just that for you! Hire only the BEST to execute your business’s digital marketing tasks. Sign up with Primotech – the only premium service provider of digital marketing service in Austin, TX!

We understand how to implement an effective Internet marketing strategy that is focused on conversions for effective leads generation. As your digital marketing partner, we put our efforts together to gain deep insights and optimize the conversions for you.

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What you do when you want to search for something online?

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the top 3 search engines online. It is hard to fathom that almost 93% of online experiences start with these search engines. Most of the internet users use search engines to make their buying decisions, which makes your website’s search engine visibility incredibly important, especially if you want to achieve higher conversions and sales. Our SEO whizzes come up with cutting-edge search engine optimization strategies to boost keyword rankings and drive targeted traffic to your website. We deliver comprehensive SEO Services in Austin, TX to build your brand’s web presence.


Did you know that 84% marketers use social media to reach their customers? Today, almost everybody is active on their social media accounts and it is high time that you get online on behalf of your brand too. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, social media marketing is an important tool that can help you promote your products and services in an effective way.
We connect you to your customers by engaging them on major channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. With our social media marketing services, we give your brand an imperious social media presence, which results in quality business growth.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the popular digital marketing techniques that helps you achieve instant search engine visibility and web traffic. Anyone can set up a PPC campaign; however, making it a success requires a lot of research, analysis and planning. We have a dedicated team of PPC marketing professionals who are proficient with the guidelines of Google AdWords, Remarketing, Facebook Paid Advertising, Bing Ads, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads. Our PPC experts understand your vision and set realistic goals to get you the desired results. They specialize in creating paid marketing campaigns that are tailored to your business needs and drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

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