Chatbots, a Digital Marketing strategy to enhance your business value in 2019

Chatbots, a Digital Marketing strategy to enhance your business value in 2019

Chatbots, a Digital Marketing strategy to enhance your business value in 2019

Past 5 years have witnessed some major additions in Social Media Marketing!

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have brought a revolution in online business marketing and personalized the user behavior. Now certain actions performed in real-time seamlessly invoke a machine learning AI to processes a query in order to give users the best possible results.

Have you ever been to a site and a chat window just pops up within a time span of 2-3 seconds to help you out? These are Chatbots, a new extension which is used by marketers to quickly and efficiently respond to visitors. They reduce the risk of delayed communication and keeps users involved in the process.

An impulsive boom in messaging apps has also contributed in evolution of these smart bots. Adding to it, you need not to juggle around or open another page to chat with them. Just click on the “Chat” or “Help” option at the bottom corner of a website and get your immediate queries answered.

Why Chatbots?

  • Quick & Accurate
  • Gathers Information from visitors
  • Resource Saving
  • Responds within 1-2 seconds
  • Reliable & Patient
  • Offers enhanced customer service
  • Cost Effective and easy to set up

Let’s take a look upon factors which are making these Chatbots the next big thing in 2019:

Develop Reliable Service Experience: Whenever a customer visits a website, he/she always expect to get a quick response otherwise they switch to another website for solution.

The Chatbots can help in a situation like this! They are programmed in such a way that whenever a visitor comes to a website, these bots instantly pop-up with a welcome message to initiate conversation with them.

Quick response in no time is all a customer looks for and hence you are never going to miss any potential prospect.

Send Time-to-Time Follow Ups: Once a customer buys your service or a product, it becomes essential to maintain proactive customer engagement. Chatbots can do wonders here! They can send follow-ups to customers and help in ensuring that your customers are satisfied with the product. Also they notify you in case of any maintenance requirement.

This could prove to be a beneficial Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

Showcase your brand exceptionally: Sometimes due to different time zones, you won’t be able to converse with a customer but Chatbots does it on your behalf. They are programmed in such a way that they tell people regarding your brand, its benefits, discounts or any freebies (if available).

This way it makes easy for people to make decision quickly.

Cost Effective & Easy to Set Up: This is the very first question that comes to our mind when we hear about any technical set ups. The best thing about Chatbots is that they are not at all expensive and very easy to set up. It won’t take much of your time and efforts.

Effective Social Media Marketing: Chatbots can be added as an extension in your social media profiles and they can entertain basic queries of customers. You don’t have to be available online every time, Chatbots will do that for you!

Thinking of expanding your business socially? Try these smart bots to enhance user experience and your brand value online!

Data Analysis & Gathering: Chatbots are based upon deep Learning concept, hence are great at analyzing & gathering data. They will keep a record which can later be used to target the audience to drive more business.

It is hard to imagine that communication has reached to such a level where human support is required minimally. The real-time interactions have made it easy for businesses as well as customers to communicate accurately and effectively. It actually broke the communication barrier by making it more reliable & flexible.

Though these Chatbots are doing wonders but humans will always be a crucial part of such technological advancement. Keeping your business open for 24 hours can be tough for startups and new setups, incorporating Chatbots in your business model can help you gain that extra edge against your competition and make your stand out from the rest.

Need help in choosing a right Chatbot for your business or help setting it up? Get in touch with our Digital Marketing team for queries.

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