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Aug 30

Facebook introduced Watch last year for the US audience as a new platform for streaming shows on Facebook. It’s available on mobile, desktop and laptop along with the smart TV apps. The shows are streamed and allowed in the format of episodes. They are either live or recorded. Most of the shows follow a theme

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Jun 4

The regulation, GDPR finally came into effect on 25 May. The GDPR rule has flipped the relationship between massive technology companies that gather data, and the users (from whom technology companies gather data). What is GDPR? GDPR law is a successor for the 1995 Data Protection Directive. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679

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May 2

Facebook revenues are higher than ever. But at the same time, Facebook engagement is decreasing day-by-day. The social media platform is experiencing a decrease by 11.41% in engagement year-by-year. Why Facebook engagement is decreasing?   One of the biggest reasons of decrease in social engagement is due to less personal content being shared on Facebook.

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Sep 29

Tired of seeing irritating posts from your friends? Don’t want to see stupid posts from various groups or pages on your timeline? Well now, you can hit Snooze on groups, pages and friends’ posts that annoy you. Recently, Facebook has added a Snooze button that allows you to unfollow your friends, pages or groups for

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