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YouTube Expands Its Live Shopping Features

YouTube is moving deeper into online shopping, positioning itself as the streaming match of QVC or HSN (a.k.a. the Home Shopping Network). The video platform said Tuesday it’s partnering with e-commerce heavyweight Shopify to grow its “creator-hosted streamed events.” This is to say, more sales rise from people who present themselves as “influencers” but who […]

Youtube’s Rolling Out Some New Updates For Shorts

YouTube adds new updates for Shorts, including new creation options and an expansion of Shorts drafts. First off, on creative options – YouTube’s rolling out a new ‘Cut’ option which will allow Shorts creators to sample a small segment (1 to 5 seconds) from eligible Shorts and VODs to be used as the intro to […]

Google Launches New Ads Manager Tool For Video Ads

Nowadays, everyone knows how important it is to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. When Google introduced Video Ads, it was a method to reach users differently. However, Google Ads Manager was not built to deliver deep insight into campaign types such as video. This update is for you […]