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Apple’s Rumored Search Engine: Everything We Know So Far

Robert Scoble posted many items about what to expect from the Apple WWDC (aka World Wide Developer Conference) happening on Monday, June 6th. Robert said a bunch of things, but precise to search, he said, “and a new search engine is coming too.” Robert posted this on Twitter, saying, “Oh, and a new search engine […]

Twitter is changing: New Policy Shows its Efforts to Combat Duplicative Tweets and Combat Spam

Are you aware that when a tweet with a questionable opinion is posted and a bit oddly worded, you can search for the exact words and find a million replicants of the same message, spreading through the Twittersphere like a virus? In a recent announcement by Twitter, we found out that it is now rolling […]

Can Twitter Yield More Profit Under Elon Musk?

Since Twitter went public in 2013, it has occasionally turned out a profit, even if it has a commanding role in the culture and politics worldwide. The announcement by the company that it had reached a deal for Tesla’s boss Elon Musk to buy it outright has raised questions of whether it will lead to […]