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Fix The Website Or Fail At SEO By Putting Lipstick On A Pig

Optimize the website by putting lipstick on a pig if it is not performing well. Here’s what to do to make sure your site succeeds in SEO. You have landed a new client, and you’re digging into the website. But, one look tells you this is not going to be easy. Sure, you could do […]

Googlebot Will Index the First 15MB of HTML Content

Google has updated its help document on Googlebot to determine that Googlebot will crawl up to the first 15MB of the page and then stop. So if you want to ensure that Google ranks your page properly, make sure Googlebot can crawl and index that part of the page within the first 15MB. This left […]

Google Comes With a New Page Experience Update At SEODay

At SEODay 2022, Google Search Advocate John Mueller spoke about the effect of page experience on search rankings and changes to how Google scores sites. Page experience is a powerful ranking factor that Google brought to the forefront with the release of their Core Web Vitals. Previously, when thinking about page experience, the primary focus […]

Best Ideas to Hire Right Local SEO Agency for Your Business

Nowadays, you need a strong presence in Google to succeed in any business. Therefore, effective (SEO) search engine optimization is more than just a benefit to growth with so much competition in the digital world-oriented firms—it’s become a downright need. And at one point or another, most organizations will find themselves in need of professionals […]