Google News Launches New Design: Makes It Easier to Find Local News

Google News Launches New Design: Makes It Easier to Find Local News

Google News is getting a major redesign for the desktop. The new design prioritizes important stories to make it easier to catch up with news topics you care about.

We knew this was coming when we spotted a massive design for the Google News homepage, and now it is officially here. Google has launched a revamped design this morning where the search company said they “made it easier for you to catch up on the most important news by bringing Top stories, Local news, and personalized picks to the top of the page.”

Here is what the new home page looks like:

Now you can see the local news at the top right, which you can customize. So if you want to see local news about, let’s say, one location and another, you can. Moreover, you can request to see local news about several local communities, like where you live now and where you were raised.

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You can also customize the news and sections with the blue customize button:

Clicking on that will let you add, remove or drag the sort order:

Moreover, Google News is back in Spain today, after closing because of legal reasons in 2014. Try it at, and it should work! Well, maybe not the Trends data yet; it likely needs time to gather information before showing.

Here is a video Google released on this:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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