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Googlebot Will Index the First 15MB of HTML Content

Google has updated its help document on Googlebot to determine that Googlebot will crawl up to the first 15MB of the page and then stop. So if you want to ensure that Google ranks your page properly, make sure Googlebot can crawl and index that part of the page within the first 15MB. This left […]

Google Comes With a New Page Experience Update At SEODay

At SEODay 2022, Google Search Advocate John Mueller spoke about the effect of page experience on search rankings and changes to how Google scores sites. Page experience is a powerful ranking factor that Google brought to the forefront with the release of their Core Web Vitals. Previously, when thinking about page experience, the primary focus […]

Google News Launches New Design: Makes It Easier to Find Local News

Google News is getting a major redesign for the desktop. The new design prioritizes important stories to make it easier to catch up with news topics you care about. We knew this was coming when we spotted a massive design for the Google News homepage, and now it is officially here. Google has launched a […]

Google Rolls Out New Google Core Update 2022

On May 25, 2022, Google began rolling out the Core Update 2022, completed on June 9, 2022. The new update caused some tremors during the initial phase of its release, but those tremors lasted until June 5. So if your website was one of those which felt an impact of the new update and you […]

Google Launching May 2022 Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google confirms a broad core algorithm update, called the May 2022 core update, is rolling out today. Core updates are designed to make search results more suitable for users. Though the update is launching today, it will take 1-2 weeks for this update to fully roll out. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Liaison for Search, notes […]

Google Launches New Ads Manager Tool For Video Ads

Nowadays, everyone knows how important it is to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. When Google introduced Video Ads, it was a method to reach users differently. However, Google Ads Manager was not built to deliver deep insight into campaign types such as video. This update is for you […]

You Can Now Remove Your Personal Data from Search Results on Google

Private data of an internet user is scattered all over the internet today. So it is one reason why it has become inevitable for some personal information to turn up in Google’s search results. However, we have come to find out that Google has a process that lets you request the removal of specific search […]

Possible Google Search Algorithm Update With Rumbles All Week

We see a different pattern with a possible Google search ranking algorithm update from the past week. The SEO discussions and forums around a possible Google update are brewing a good part of last week, but most automated tracking tools did not pick up the signs of a Google update. Hence, we watched and waited […]