AWS Releases New Low-Code Development Tool Amplify Studio to General Availability

AWS Releases New Low-Code Development Tool Amplify Studio to General Availability

In a recent announcement, AWS informed about the general availability (GA) of AWS Amplify Studio, a visual interface. It simplifies backend and front-end development for mobile and web applications. AWS extends the existing AWS Amplify services, a set of features and tools helpful for the developers to start faster configuring various AWS services. In addition, it is helpful to support the backend use cases like file storage, real-time data, and user authentication.

The company released Amplify Studio as a preview during the re: Invent 2021, and its GA release includes a few new features such as support for component theming, UI event handlers, and improvements in how developers can customize and extend generated components from the code.

A key aspect of AWS Amplify is its integration with Figma, a web-based prototyping tool and graphics editor with Mac and Windows versions, and a mobile app for iOS and Android. Moreover, the integration with Figma allows front-end developers and designers to collaborate on development and design activities.

For example, developers drag new design components from Figma into their applications in the Amplify Studio to keep design changes in sync. Lastly, the completed UI is automatically converted into TypeScript or JavaScript, providing developers’ complete control over the functionality and design of the application.

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