5 WordPress Trends To Look For In 2017

5 WordPress Trends To Look For In 2017


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“WordPress Powers 27% Of The Internet!”

With 60% market share and over 76 million websites, WordPress is now considered as the CMS market dominator. It’s been over 13 years since the first release of WordPress and with each year, it has improved immensely. It is like a go-to CMS for all kinds of businesses, bloggers and service industries.

In 2017, WordPress has a lot in store for us. Here are some WordPress trends that you should keep your eye out for.

#1. No More “Desktop Only” Themes

2016 was the year for mobile audience. For the first time, it saw a steep increase in the mobile audience browsing internet. As per worldwide net usage statistics report, 51.26% of people use mobile device to browse internet, whereas only 48.74% of remaining market share uses desktop for browsing! This data is a clear indication that mobile is going to be a priority for all businesses and mobile marketers.

 net usage statistics

Google has also started giving preference to responsive websites. In Last year November, Google started experimenting with indexing mobile-first websites.

Here is what Google said,


We believe that 2017 will see a major decline in “Desktop-only” themes. Responsive themes will take over the market. So, if you still don’t have a responsive theme, it is time to opt for it! For responsive themes and setting it up, you can contact us!

#2. Multipupose WordPress Themes Will Rule The Theme World


Last year, we have seen more and more businesses opting for multipurpose themes. The main reason behind it is that a user gets more benefits and flexibility with a multipurpose theme as compared to traditional WordPress themes.

A multipurpose theme gives a user the opportunity to build a highly customizable website. The user has the freedom to add ecommerce or forum etc. later if they want to. A multipurpose theme offers options to create a more personalized website.

Here are some free multipurpose theme that you can use:

Llorix One




#3. Videos in the Headers


Recently, WordPress released a new theme in 2017 called Twenty Seventeen. This theme comes with video header feature. It seems that WordPress is trying to trend this feature in this year. Although it is not a popular choice and most digital marketers recommend keeping the header simple. Video headers look great and if used creatively it can be an instant hit with the audiences. So, keep your eye out for more WordPress themes with video headers this year.

#4. More Secured Websites with HTTPS


Google has been aggressively pushing for HTTPS secured websites. It forced even self-hosted WordPress users to use HTTPS to avoid being singled out as unsafe websites.

The idea is to create a more secured browsing experience for online users. This year, HTTPS will be more preferred and trusted by users shopping online. So, if you run an eCommerce website, it is time to switch to HTTPS. We understand that switching from HTTP to HTTPS can be a difficult task, so if you are building a website in 2017, it is better to implement HTTPS from the start, for your WordPress website.

#5. SaaS WordPress Plugins


This year is going to see a major boost in WordPress plugins developed by SaaS. We believe that the era of free high-end plugins is coming to an end. With advent of more advanced software such as SumoMe and OptinMonster, you can see how SaaS plugins are taking over the market. It would greatly impact new WordPress users, but it also gives an opportunity to use better and highly functional software.

With WordPress users opting for SaaS-based WordPress plugins, due to guaranteed security and advanced features, we would see a steep rise in SaaS WordPress plugin development. It doesn’t mean that standalone plugin developers would be out of business. With marketplaces such as CodeCanyon and Creative Market, they will still have a lot of business.

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