Guide to Choosing Flutter App Development Company in 2023

Guide to Choosing Flutter App Development Company in 2023

Flutter App Development

As the realm of technology evolves, Flutter has brought a revolution in the mobile app development industry. With continuous shifts in market trends, businesses constantly look for flexible, quicker, and cost-effective mobile app solutions. Startups and entrepreneurs are keen to launch their apps swiftly to stand out in the cut-throat and highly competitive market and gain a competitive edge. However, choosing the right Flutter app development company is challenging, especially if there is a high demand for this skill set.

This comprehensive guide aims to identify benefits, costs, tips, and factors that affect Flutter app development costs.

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What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter is a cross-platform software development toolkit that enables smooth and easy mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Windows. A Google-supported framework has gained attention from industry giants when first introduced in 2018. By the end of 2020, Flutter app development has become a buzzing topic.

According to a 2022 developer survey by Statista, 46 percent of developers used Flutter, which means around one-third of mobile app developers use cross-platform technologies or frameworks, and the remaining use native tools.

Flutter is an open-source and free-to-use framework. Many companies are turning to Flutter to build top-notch and feature-loaded apps. The remarkable aspect of this framework is the code written once and can be used to develop mobile apps for various platforms.

The Flutter app is coded in Google’s object-oriented language, Dart, which offers higher productivity time and a robust, reliable build for apps.

What are the benefits of Hiring a Flutter App Development Company?

The demand for hiring a Flutter app development company has been gradually rising. The main reason behind this surge is the utilization of the Flutter framework to escalate the mobile app development process without putting quality and performance in the back seat.

Here is the list of benefits of hiring a Flutter App developer:

Multiple Platforms Development 

Being cross-platform, developers use the same codebase to build mobile apps for different platforms. Hiring Flutter app development can save cost, time, effort, and resources too.

Quick and Efficient Development 

The hot-loaded feature of Flutter enables the developers to see the real-time effects when the app’s code changes. It leads to faster and more efficient development cycles.

Highly Interactive User Interfaces

With Flutter, mobile app developers can develop interactive and intuitive UI. Flutter’s versatility has empowered us to integrate various features that meet the diverse requirements of businesses.

Seamless Performance

Flutter app’s smooth performance entices users. Flutter uses Dart, which ensures faster startup times and smoother animations.


Using the Flutter framework reduces the need to hire different developers for Android and iOS. A single codebase works for multiple platforms and saves the cost of hiring.

Simple to Maintain and Update

Having a single codebase makes app maintenance and updates super simple. The app updates can be launched simultaneously for all platforms. Users will have a consistent experience across all devices when using an updated app version.

Community Support

Flutter has an actively growing developer community. Being an open source means the code and framework used to develop it are accessible to the public. A wealth of knowledge, regular updates, and extensive resources are available to Flutter developers, enabling them to address challenges more expediently.

What is the cost of Flutter app development?

The average cost of Flutter app development ranges from $15,000 to $1,50,000. Let’s bring some clarity to the cost of various applications, from simple to complex.

(a) A simple app takes around two months to build, which applies to MVPs. Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) have been gaining significant traction.

Incorporating MVPs into your strategy is crucial to checking and testing the app idea on the market and selecting further steps. MVPs include only essential functionalities and design.

(b) A medium-sized app can take around 3 to 4 months to complete. The project cost and development hours cannot alter even if you hire more developers to hasten the development process.

(c) An extensive app with complex functionality can take around 4 to 6 months or maybe longer. Another factor affecting the app development time is effective planning and how quickly you make informed decisions.

App Type Development Time Development Cost
A simple App 2 months $11,200
Medium-sized App 3 to 4 months $16,800 – $22,400
Extensive App 4 to 6 months $22,400 – $33,600

The app’s cost depends on the type of app you want. Following are the average cost of the apps:

  1. A simple app with basic functionalities costs $25,000 to $35,000, with other additional charges.
  2. For medium-sized apps, the cost will be around $37,000 to $49,000. This type of app includes advanced features like phone calls.
  3. Unlike these apps, a significant app costs between $35,000 and $60,000, including more advanced features like social network apps.

Which Factors Affect Flutter App Development Costs in 2023?

Various factors affect the cost of Flutter app development. Let’s check them out:

Time to Develop the App

Compared to native applications, Flutter mobile apps have less development time because a single codebase works for both platforms rather than two separate ones.

Mobile Application Complexity

The Flutter app feature complexity highly impacts the cost. It plays a significant role in the app’s cost estimation. An intricate feature requires more time to develop, meaning complexity directly influences the time and further affects the app development cost. Therefore, the development cost is directly proportional to the features included in the app. Some crucial features of apps are

  • A User-Friendly Responsive Interface
  • Search Options,
  • Location Maps,
  • Data Caching,
  • Chat Support/Call Back Function
  • Multi-Factor Authentication,
  • Multi-Device Synchronization,
  • Payment Gateways Integration

Geographically Costs

Flutter developers’ hourly rate varies geographically. The location of the Flutter app development company highly affects the cost estimation of the app because rates vary by region.

App Maintenance

It doesn’t matter whether the app is old or new; it requires regular maintenance and updates as per user changing needs. Flutter app maintenance costs are a prominent factor affecting the total app’s cost.

App maintenance is an essential element of Flutter app development services, and customer feedback and improvement demands should be part of the development process to improve product quality. Flutter app maintenance includes app updates, design modifications, and bug fixes.

App Designing Cost

The first thing that draws users’ attention is the app’s look. Users prefer to use an app whose design is intuitive and interactive. It is one of the most critical components.

Flutter app development companies can explain how a free-flowing app design can help connect users with the app. Hence, the cost and effort involved in the app’s design process is knotty and highly affects the total cost of Flutter app development.

Support and Testing

Flutter mobile app development company provides testers with robust testing support. They have particular skill sets to perform testing at different levels as they move to different phases of the development process.

With capabilities like unit testing, UI testing becomes simpler and more manageable. With such approaches, testing time and cost can be minimized when leveraged alongside Flutter’s advantageous features.

Tips for Hiring a Flutter App Development Company

The outsourcing industry has several unpleasant stories of being unprofessional, shutting down projects in between, or swindling money from clients to develop quality projects. In such a scenario, a business should follow the following tips and make an informed decision.

1. Define Your Project Requirements

A business must know its project requirements before looking for Flutter app development services. You must clearly understand the app’s prime objective and features. Additionally, you must know the target audience so it becomes easy to brief it to potential mobile app development companies.

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2. Research and Shortlist

Conduct intensive research online, utilizing search engines and relevant platforms to discover the potential companies that suit the requirements. Also, seek recommendations from colleagues, friends, or business associates who have experience with app development services. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights.

Finally, compile this list of companies you shortlisted and analyze their website for services, expertise, and case studies. Additionally, examine their social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. An active social media presence demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying current in the industry.

3. Portfolio Evaluation

Portfolio evaluation makes the hiring process painless. It offers insightful information about the company’s skills and the caliber of their job. It signifies innovation and creativity level.

Examine the project diversity in terms of industries served, project sizes, and complexities. On top of that, check the UI and UX design of apps that companies have developed. The company must create an interactive and intuitive UI for a seamless user experience.

4. Expertise in Flutter

Choosing a company with Flutter expertise is paramount, impacting the app’s performance and success. Flutter developers with in-depth knowledge and experience of this cross-platform framework can efficiently understand the app’s intricacies and streamline the development journey. The potential companies have experience leveraging the framework’s capability, ensuring the app runs smoothly, responds fast, and gives a high-quality user experience.

5. Client Reviews and Testimonials

While reviewing companies’ websites, read clients’ testimonies, “what they have to say about the company, the project they deliver, communication channels, and post-launch support.” Clients’ valuable feedback can assist in assessing project success and client satisfaction.

In addition, connect with the companies’ client on LinkedIn to check their feedback credibility.

6. Technical Proficiency

Contact the shortlisted Flutter app development companies to evaluate their technical skills and knowledge. Create a list of questions based on the job description to interview them to refine your best Flutter mobile app development company search.

A Flutter mobile app development team should be proficient in Dart Programming, Flutter Framework, UI/UX Design, State Management, API Integration, Firebase, and Version Control (e.g., Git).

7. Project Management Approach

Understand how the company manages mobile development projects. A well-structured project management approach helps to streamline processes, manage resources, mitigate risks, and ensure successful project delivery. Agile and Scrum are two prevalent methodologies often used in project management.

8. Transparency and Documentation

Transparency builds trust. Hence, ensure the shortlisted company creates an effective communication conduit for clear communication and provides comprehensive project documentation.

Regular updates about the development process and clearing milestones keep transparency between both parties and preclude misunderstandings.

9. Quality Assurance

Rigorous app testing ensures a functional app without any bugs. Evaluate the quality assurance strategies that the company uses to deliver exceptional products and an optimal experience. Quality assurance keeps the development cost under control. Bugs identified at the early development stage are easy to fix without spending much resources.

In contrast, post-launch identified bugs are challenging to fix and need more resources. Therefore, it’s crucial to Inquire about the company’s quality assurance practices.

10. Scalability and Performance

The app’s scalability and performance are critical concerns that must be considered while developing an app in a rapidly growing digital landscape. Evaluate the company’s approach to building scalable apps.

Before moving ahead, ask the following questions from the potential Flutter app development service companies:

  1. What are your app scalability strategies?
  2. What technologies and architecture do you use to ensure app scalability?
  3. How do you handle database scalability?
  4. What monitoring and performance optimization tools do you use?
  5. What is your disaster recovery plan?
  6. What’s your approach to security in a scalable app?
  7. Have you conducted stress testing on the app?

11. Post-Launch Support

Even with intensive testing, a few issues may arise after the app launch. But post-launch support ensures resolving these issues within no time. To examine the company’s post-launch support, ask the following questions:

  1. What post-launch support and maintenance services do you offer?
  2. What is the typical response time for issue resolution?
  3. How do you handle software updates and patches?
  4. What measures are in place for data security and privacy post-launch?
  5. How do you collect and prioritize user feedback?
  6. How do you ensure the app remains compatible with evolving technologies and platforms?
  7. Can you provide examples of previous post-launch support success stories?

12. Budget Consideration

Cost is a critical factor when hiring a mobile app development company. Avoid preferring a company based on the lowest bid. Consider other factors, such as quality and expertise, too. These factors often outweigh the initial investment. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, seek for long-term benefits.

13. Flexibility to Changes

Before finalizing a mobile app development company, ensure they demonstrate flexibility in adapting to evolving needs in line with market trends and user feedback.

Establish open communication with the company to discuss changes with the company. Also, emphasize the importance of sharing feedback, valuable insights, project status, and suggested changes.

14. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to legal requirements and data protection regulations in app development is crucial. Compliance not only safeguards a company from potential legal complications but also fosters trust among users, which can ultimately lead to the success and longevity of the business.

To verify a company’s compliance with legal and regulatory standards, you can take the following steps:

  1. Carefully read the app’s privacy policy and terms of service.
  2. Look for certifications such as ISO 27001 or GDPR on their website or in their documentation.
  3. Search for any past legal issues or data breaches associated with the company.

Comparing Freelancers vs. Flutter App Development Companies

Choosing a freelancer or a Flutter app development company can be tricky. It is a crucial step because it involves a considerable investment. The success of an app also relies on choosing the right development partner.

Let’s check out freelancers vs. companies in Flutter app development.

Expertise and Team Strength

When it comes to expertise and team strength, the Flutter mobile app development company will have that. App development companies have a larger team of developers, designers, and QAs on board to work on the project. They offer a comprehensive service and use various tools for project management and smoother product delivery. The cohesive intelligence of the team leads to better solutions.

Conversely, freelancers might have specialized skill sets but work individually or in small groups. They might have fewer resources, which can hamper the project’s progress in unforeseen circumstances. Also, Freelancers generally have expertise in specific development tools and software.

Therefore, choosing a Flutter mobile app development company is better for large-scale and complex projects.


The mobile app development company’s app success ratio is high compared to freelancers. The development company has experienced developers who will work on your app project under an adequately built IT setup.

Suppose you aren’t happy with the work of the existing developer; the company can easily hire Flutter app developers for your project. If you want to scale your project and add some additional features with strict deadlines, the company can easily scale up its team.

Unfortunately, it becomes challenging while working with the freelancer. If you don’t like existing freelancer work, you have to go through the hiring process again, which is time and money-consuming.

On-time Quality Delivery

The mobile app development company provides a dedicated team that solely works on your project. The team’s primary focus is on-time project delivery with top-notch quality. Therefore, your project will be completed on time.

On the flip side, freelancers are different. The quality of their work may not be up to the market standard. Limited knowledge and working on multiple projects simultaneously impact the quality and delay project deadlines.

Use of the Latest Technology

Every project has unique requirements, and the Flutter mobile app development company goes the extra mile to fulfill those requirements. They use trending technologies, which helps them to keep client rank on top. Companies consistently upgrade their team knowledge with the latest technology in the market.

In contrast, most freelancers in the industry don’t have sufficient experience, expertise, and the latest technology knowledge to tackle intricate projects. Choosing freelancers with limited expertise for your project can lead to catastrophic results.

Post-launch Support and Maintenance

After project completion, the mobile development app company offers post-launch support and maintenance. This service can be free for a specific time; after that, the client might have to take a subscription.

Businesses might experience issues while working with the freelancer. If you want maintenance and support services, you need to pay an additional amount for this service.

How can Primotech help in your Flutter app development?

At Primotech, we have delivered several groundbreaking and innovative Flutter mobile applications for numerous businesses. We create apps that customers would embrace.

For instance, we assisted our esteemed client in developing an innovative grocery app, QuickGrocer. It offers a seamless grocery shopping experience to users.

This user-friendly app manages a wide range of products, offers multiple payment options, supports real-time inventory management, and provides users with a delightful grocery shopping journey.

Our team’s primary objective was to address the client’s requirements and challenges and offer a bespoke solution.

If you are seeking a singular resource akin to the advantages provided by a mobile app development company, then look no further than Primotech. We also offer a solitary, dedicated professional, reinforced by the credibility and support of our esteemed brand, ready to address your concerns and project requirements.

Final Thoughts – Ready to Scale Up?

Let’s Create a Dream App for Your Business!

Developing a Flutter mobile app isn’t about coding only; it’s about transforming an idea into reality, creating an exceptional experience, thrusting the limits, and making everything possible through technology. So, if you have an awesome app idea and wish to convert it into reality, we got your back.

Educating yourself first before choosing any Flutter app development company is crucial. We at Primotech can help you by offering valuable advice on making apps in almost every category. We have a dedicated team of Flutter developers, designers, and testers ready to bring your vision to life. We use advanced and cutting-edge technology to build custom solutions.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your digital journey, feel free to contact us.

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