8 Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

8 Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate


A well optimized landing page is essential if you want to attract high quality traffic to your website. There is no point in spending a huge amount of money on Pay per Click and SEO to get good traffic on the website, if your landing page is poorly optimized. It is pretty similar to flinging the money down the drain.

The purpose of a landing page is to get leads and prepare your potential customers for a better understanding of the sales funnel. If you want to convert your traffic into sales, leads and revenue then make sure that your landing pages have these following elements:

1. Consistency:

All the information on the website has to consistent. Any type of inconsistency will be a huge red flag for genuine clients. For example, your landing page says that you have helped more than 200+ people, but the number of people mentioned on your website is 150; this is called inconsistency and it can hurt your overall website’s credibility. So, make sure that all the information and facts is consistent on all pages. This will help the clients to trust your site and form a strong relationship.

2. Make Incremental Changes

It is not necessary to bring in a massive change to your landing page for improving user experience because a new landing page does not guarantee a better experience for everyone. Consistency involves a sense of ease for those visiting your landing page. Sometimes we are so engrossed in revamping our landing pages that we don’t even think about our existing clients. A complete revamp of the landing page can confuse your existing clientele and can cause up to 20% drop in conversion rate. Instead of doing this, ease them into the process by educating them about the changes one step at a time. Incremental changes can also help you figure out which changes triggered an increase or decrease in the conversion rate.

3. Strong Call to Action

Call to action button

An effective call to action (CTA) is another important factor to increase the conversion rate. A ‘‘call to action button’’ attracts and inspires the potential clients to make a decision. It could be anything from, whether it is placing a call, adding a product to the shopping cart, or completing a form. Devoting time and energy into developing your call to action buttons can help you reach your conversion goals. The bigger your CTA is, the more attention it will demand from your visitors. Examples of big Call to Action Buttons that stand out.

4. Badges of Trust and Credibility

Badges of Trust

Establishing credibility with a trust badge can increase the conversion rate by 72.05%. Make sure to include information on your landing page that builds trust and displays credibility. You must include badges of trust, such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) or industry-specific accreditation. Media outlets and recommendations that have covered your brand can also help to establish a level of trust and credibility.

5. Dedicated Home Page vs. Landing Page

Home Page

If you compare your landing page with homepage, you can see why landing pages are so important for your marketing success. Usually, we make a homepage with a general purpose in our mind which speaks the overall purpose of the website, brand and corporate values. It is loaded with navigations and links to other areas of the website. Whereas a landing page is designed for only one purpose, that is to convert a potential visitor into a potential customer.

6. Test Different Phrasing and Formatting

Once you are done with the foundation of your page, it’s time to test it. Your conversion rate totally depends upon the way you represent your headings, call to action button and value preposition.

  • Keep your value proposition clear and simple by limiting it to what your business is offering and how it will benefit your potential client.
  • The color of the CTA button should be different on the site in order to attract attention to it, like green for “go” and blue as a familiar web standard link/action color.
  • Your headlines should be catchy enough to convince the potential client.

 7. Check Relevancy

If you are running a PPC campaign then make sure that your landing page content matches with your ad. If you are giving any type of assurance to the client in the ad then on the landing page it should remain same. Or else, if the ad is not identical then you will lose the potential customer. You can see the demonstration below taken from The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course”.


 8. Credibility Indicators

To show the credibility, use genuine client testimonials/recommendations that can convince your potential customers to choose you as their new business partner. Put positive reviews from the client along with their image on your landing page to enhance the credibility. Showcase the work you did for your previous clients, it will give an idea to your potential clients about your standard of work.


Have something to add into the list of above shared landing page conversion rate? Feel free to share them in comments below!

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