8 Ways To Build Quality Backlinks That Improve Search Engine Rankings

8 Ways To Build Quality Backlinks That Improve Search Engine Rankings

Create High Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks are important to the scope of Search Engine Optimization, they are the building blocks of a good SEO. In this article, we will explain what a quality backlink is, why they are important, and how to gain them. Whenever the search engines calculate the relevance of a site, they examine the number of quality inbound links to that site.

Backlinks that lead to your website using your keywords or keyword phrases and are present on websites with content from the same domain as yours are referred to as quality back links.

Here are some simple ways to build quality backlinks that would drive targeted traffic to your website:

1. Answer Questions

We all have heard about some of these Q&A forums, like Yahoo Answers, About.com and many more. We can accomplish two things at once by answering questions on these sites: –

a)     Build reputation as an expert in your field.

b)    Share links to your website every time.

2. Provide Interesting Free Material

People love to get free stuff. They also love to get useful tips about the stuff that interests them. So, to build reputation and drive backlinks to your site – provide free materials, such as e-courses or “how to” aides and etc. Not just the clients will welcome the free materials and click on the links you provide, but they will also share your materials with friends who will also do the same for you.

3. Contribute to Wikis

If you have an abundance of industry-particular information then put your skill to use by updating wikis. Sharing information in this way will help to construct your reputation of being a specialist. Subsequently, you can gain certain backlinks from some reputable and high-quality sites similar to your industry.

4. Info-graphic Submission

Infographics are visual representations intended to present information that provides effective information. Create a realistic data taken from a solid source and share it on high quality sites. With every snap and share of your infographic, your web traffic will get a boost and you will gain even more backlinks.

5. Classified Ads

Classified ads are small, accurate description of your product or services that are utilized for advancement on the web. By getting your classified ads posted on a high traffic generating classified ad websites; you can accomplish huge amounts of backlinks, which will improve traffic of buyers that click on your ads. It will also boost the ranking of your website quickly.

6. Business listings

 Business Listing is the technique of submitting your business information on online web directories to advance your business, its services and products. This method can help you increase the online visibility of your business, get you more backlinks, and increase your sales.

7. Broken Link Building

This is a powerful technique for building links by finding broken links. This method includes reframing of the broken content and helping the site admin to replace broken connections with a new link. This is a white-hat, scalable and content-focused technique, widely used in SEO for building backlinks.

8. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a technique used by writers where they compose content for other blogging sites. This is a method that helps bloggers to establish them as authority figure, upgrade their reputation and enhance blog traffic. By offering quality posts to be published on other sites, writers can reach a wider audience and make their own blog prominent by gaining reliable readers/subscribers.

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