5 Best Mobile App Design Tools

5 Best Mobile App Design Tools


Mobile apps are software applications for smartphones and tablets with specific functions and innovative features customized for a particular device or all models. The best apps come with intuitive graphical user interfaces, color schemes, animation, and other visual elements.

Contemporary designers have to satisfy a global customer base by using various software tools to develop the best apps. These include image editors, prototyping tools, widgets, and UX libraries.

The top mobile app development services USA use GUI tools for rapid application development. These design tools are essential for mobile application development. They facilitate the critical design phase of software construction. Without these tools, it is hard to create excellent user experiences. The well-designed apps engage the users, thus increasing their popularity and revenue by increasing the number of downloads.

The top 5 design tools trending among top designers

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a vector-based UX design tool for macOS and Windows. It helps to develop web and mobile apps with intuitive features. You can quickly design, prototype, and share different user interfaces. Adobe Systems has released this helpful tool in 2016 with free and monthly paid plans.

  • Adobe XD works well on all the popular mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.
  • The design tools assist UI/UX pros with attractive mobile app development.
  • The designer can quickly shift from Design to Prototype mode with a click.
  • Wireframes can be rapidly turned into interactive prototypes using artboards.
  • All the design modifications are easy to test on the phone.
  • The tools have excellent features for securely sharing project data.
  • Design teams can work faster due to reliable feedback mechanisms.
  • The completed designs are easy to transfer over to the production team.


Sketch is one of the world’s best design toolkits today used by designers to create stylish UI for different mobile phones. Bohemian Coding offers this macOS tool with a 30-day free trial and $99 per year plans.

  • Mobile app designers can prioritize screen designs using Sketch.
  • Beginners and professionals will be comfortable with the software.
  • Its popularity is due to intuitive interface and thoughtful features.
  • The tool offers scalable vector graphics and pixel-perfect icons.
  • You can design, create, test, and iterate without any difficulty.
  • Sketch ensures full user flows, interactive prototypes, and quick updates.
  • It has reusable, responsive components, plugins, and live data support.
  • The tool facilitates teamwork, testing, feedback, and customized workflows.

Even the leading mobile app development company in the USA uses Sketch. Some famous users include Google, Nintendo, Facebook, Stripe, and Porsche.


InVision is a powerful design platform for mobile app production. It came into the market in 2011 as a prototyping tool for the best minds. The free tool for the macOS platform has a diverse set of features and functionality, making it a top tool among designers.

  • Designers can quickly transform their ideas into impressive screen designs.
  • It supports intuitive vector-based graphics and flexible, imaginative layers.
  • You can animate transitions and add micro-interactions without any effort.
  • The platform is excellent for transforming static screens into working prototypes.
  • The entire design process is easy to navigate into one place.
  • You can easily share the mockups with clients and team members.
  • Developed by designers, the rapid prototyping tool keeps everyone up-to-date.
  • It is one of the top tools for numerous top brands such as Airbnb, Amazon, HBO, Lyft, and others.
  • InVision efficiently integrates with platforms like Jira, Trello, and Slack.


Some of the top-notch mobile app development services USA use Avocode. This design collaboration tool is ideal for web projects too. It supports iOS, Android platforms, and has a robust customer base. Some well-known users of this tool are Google, Panasonic, CONGSTAR, American Eagle, and Frontier Airlines.

  • Developers can rapidly code websites, mobile apps, and newsletters
  • Builders can easily share design files and discuss modifications
  • Team members can also describe specifications and exchange feedback
  • Export images, code, text, colors, sizes, and dimensions with a single click
  • You can also edit, and present screen flows from Adobe and Figma
  • Developers can also backup, download, and organize all the design files
  • You can get styles, specs, images, and auto-generated code from layers
  • It ensures faster performance and integrates with PSD and AI files
  • The cloud-based app effortlessly runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux


UXPin is a user design and prototyping tool with powerful components. It is a unique tool that helps design teams collaborate with ease. The web platform, launched in 2010, has a monthly pricing plan of $23. Microsoft, Paypal, Sony, and HBO are some of the reputed users of this excellent software.

  • Designers can effectively present fully-interactive wireframes.
  • It helps to create unlimited prototypes easily
  • Designers can easily take a product from conception to pixel-perfect prototypes with this tool.
  • It also has potent code components, logic, and design states.
  • The end-to-end platform assures excellent user experiences.
  • You can design and share high-quality mockups without compromises.
  • The tool facilitates uploading and syncing of Sketch and Adobe design files. Thus, UXPin becomes easy to collaborate with a larger team.
  • UXPin is ideal for developers, design teams, and mobile app builders.
  • Live usability tests make it easier to create high-performance apps.
  • The software integrates well with Jira, Slack, and Agile processes.


To sum up, mobile software development is a comprehensive process. The project developers, UI/UX designers, and code developers work together. Even the best mobile app development company in the USAdepends on top quality design tools.

They use GUI toolkits, templates, libraries, plug-and-play components. Some developers choose free tools, while others prefer licensed paid tools. The cost or payment style of the tools does not determine the quality. The best tools assist with animations, UI/UX, collaborative project work, and multi-platform mobile app building.

The app developers also rely on advanced interactive design tools. They sketch wireframes, create prototypes, and rapidly test the app’s features and functions. Such a holistic tool helps them to deliver a reliable, productive, and inexpensive app. And stunning designs with high performance are essential to increase sales, find and retain a loyal customer base.

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