3 eCommerce Marketing Tricks to Treat Your Customers This Halloween

3 eCommerce Marketing Tricks to Treat Your Customers This Halloween

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Halloween iDigital Cards for New and Existing Customerss considered as one of the most fun and exciting times of the year. From school kids to college going students, many celebrate this holiday with full zest. People are always on the search for surprises, deals and discounts around Halloween. This spooky holiday is also the time of year when online shopping galore. The online store owners grab the attention of millions of customers and earn huge revenue. Luckily, Halloween is right around the corner! There is still some time for the online store owners to make good Halloween marketing plans to maximize their revenue profits during the holiday season.

Here’re some amazing marketing tricks that can help you engage your audience this Halloween:

Digital Cards for New and Existing Customers

Sending out digital cards to your customers is the best marketing strategy that offers you a 10-fold return. We live in a digital age where email is the best, convenient and affordable option to send e-cards to your customers. Take few minutes and write a short personal Halloween message on each card. This little effort goes a long way and will let your customers feel they are special. In order to grab the attention of your customers, try to add Halloween music, tricks, and animations to your digital cards.

Offer Discounts, Free gifts, Coupon codes

Halloween is a great time to offer heavy discounts on bulk purchases. If you are in a competitive market, coupon codes are essential for your Halloween marketing plan. Coupon codes are the best way to track which sale channels are performing the best for your website. In addition, a free gift with a purchase can be an impressive way to provide additional value to your customers.

Organize a Halloween Contest

Don’t forget to add Halloween contest to your marketing plan. The contest will propel brand awareness as well as keep customers engaged. You can run a costume photo contest, where customers can submit their kids, dogs, friends’ costume pictures via social media channels. Make sure that you offer gifts and compelling prizes to participants and winners respectively.

The National Retail Federation recently shared their annual Halloween Consumer Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, which reported that “more costumes than ever will be flying off the shelves” with the average person spending $77.52 this Halloween, compared to $75.03 last year. Collectively, this is estimated to equal $7.4 billion in sales – a number hard to ignore.

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This Halloween, try to incorporate aforementioned Halloween tricks into your marketing plan to increase online presence of your brand and gain huge revenue.

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